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Cheongdam U Dermatology

2F 145 Samsung-ro, 8-2, Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, Greater Seoul Area, 06067, KR
2023-08-16 17:21:01

Hospital Introduction:

Cheongdam U Dermatology offers cosmetic dermatology services, as well as plastic surgery at our sister clinic, in South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

We have a team of highly specialized doctors whose expertise in this area is exemplary. Our team’s memberships include the Korean Aesthetic Surgery and Laser Society, the Korean Society for Anti-Aging Dermatology and the Doctor’s association of Obesity Research.

The treatments included under the umbrella of cosmetic dermatology include non-invasive, non-surgical procedures, primarily to enhance skin tone and minimize the signs of aging and other problems, such as scarring and pigmentation issues. Also included are treatments to firm and tone the body, eliminating pockets of stubborn fat, especially those resistant to exercise or dieting, to give you a more defined, sleeker look.

These treatments are a viable alternative to surgery, or they can be used alongside surgery to improve results even further, and as many of the treatments have considerably less downtime than surgical options they are extremely popular.

Treatments include the skin injectables to minimize lines and wrinkles, including Botox and dermal fillers, such as Restylane. We also offer alternative to facelifts with our thread lifting techniques and offer hair transplants for balding and thinning hair.

Our clinic is state-of-the-art and we maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety with, for example, hospital-grade sterilizers and equipment to control dust particles in the atmosphere.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cheongdam U Dermatology. Get in touch with Medical Departures for further information, or to book your appointment.

Hospital Environment:

  • Cheongdam U Dermatology - Lobby
    Cheongdam U Dermatology - Lobby
  • Cheongdam U Dermatology - Treatment room
    Cheongdam U Dermatology - Treatment room
  • Cheongdam U Dermatology - Surgery room
    Cheongdam U Dermatology - Surgery room
  • Cheongdam U Dermatology - Treatment room
    Cheongdam U Dermatology - Treatment room
  • Cheongdam U Dermatology - Waiting area
    Cheongdam U Dermatology - Waiting area

Hospital Doctor:

  • Dr.Park, Mun Su
    Dr.Park, Mun Su

Prices and Procedures:

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  • Ji
    My mom got the brow lifting at Cheongdam U. She could not see clearly due to the saggy eyelids. She had double eyelids so they recommend the brow lifting to lift them up naturally. I was nervous for mom but the results are very satisfying. Thank you so much!!
  • Lee
    I had my boob job at Cheongdam U two months ago. One of the top satisfaction in plastic surgery for women is the breast augmentation. I had no upper breasts so I got the round one. I didn’t want it done too big but after the swelling went down, I think maybe I should have increased the size a little more. My friends tell me the size fits me well though. Now I want to wear tight tops. Thank you doctor!
  • Kong
    I finally got the thigh liposuction! I could see my cellulites on my thighs before. My mom and I used to fight every day to lose some weight. After the surgery, I did everything the doctor told me to do to keep up with my thin thighs. Now I can wear skinny jeans and shorts in summer!
  • Min
    I needed to do something with my dry skin especially in winter. The laser and hydration shots were pricy so I got the moisture management program. This was a new world to me! My face brightened and it started to glow. The best part is the price. It is very affordable. Thank you Cheongdam U for changing my skin. I recommend this to people who don’t like laser or getting shots.