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Gami Plastic Surgery

2F A Tower, 105 Teahearan-ro, Seoul, Greater Seoul Area, 06134, KR
2023-08-16 17:18:28

Hospital Introduction:

Gami Plastic Surgery is located in Seoul, South Korea, offering a range of plastic surgery procedures for the face and body.

We offer safe, modern surroundings and will delivery aesthetic beauty that matches your expectations. Our highly-talented team are committed to providing you with customized treatments to bring out your inner beauty. We take the time to find out your exact requirements, and adopt a tailor-made approach that is perfect for you.

We have a systematic approach to your treatment which begins with a thorough consultation with the chief doctor in charge of your care. This doctor will be the doctor responsible for all your care, from first consultation through to pre-operative assessment, surgery and post-operative recovery.

Patient safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We want to ensure your trust and confidence and we do this by communicating with you fully at every step of the process, and by adopting international standards on hygiene and safety. We use the latest equipment and techniques and operate a safe anesthesia system with an anesthesiologist as part of our surgical team.

The treatments we offer include procedures for the face, including facelift, double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty (nose), chin implant, neck lift and forehead lift. Body surgeries include breast procedures, including nipple surgery, and liposuction.

Get in touch with Medical Departures to find out more about the services we offer at Gami Plastic Surgery, or to book an appointment.

Hospital Environment:

  • GAMI Plastic Surgery - Lobby
    GAMI Plastic Surgery - Lobby
  • GAMI Plastic Surgery - Entrance
    GAMI Plastic Surgery - Entrance
  • GAMI Plastic Surgery - Waiting room
    GAMI Plastic Surgery - Waiting room
  • GAMI Plastic Surgery - Announcement
    GAMI Plastic Surgery - Announcement
  • GAMI Plastic Surgery - Accreditation
    GAMI Plastic Surgery - Accreditation
  • GAMI Plastic Surgery - Consultation room
    GAMI Plastic Surgery - Consultation room
  • GAMI Plastic Surgery - Surgery room
    GAMI Plastic Surgery - Surgery room

Hospital Doctor:

  • Dr. Park, Keon Uk
    Dr. Park, Keon Uk

Prices and Procedures:

Currency Selection:
Procedure Price Duration
Cosmetic &a; Plastic Surgery: Breast
Areola Reduction KRW
2500000 - 2900000
1 day
Breast Reduction KRW
12000000 - 13800000
1 day
Nipple Correction Surgery KRW
2500000 - 2900000
1 day
Nipple Reduction KRW
2500000 - 2900000
1 day
Cosmetic &a; Plastic Surgery: Eyes
Double eye lids KRW
1700000 - 2900000
1 day
Epicanthoplasty (inner corner) KRW
1300000 - 1500000
1 day
Ptosis Repair KRW
2500000 - 4000000
1 day
Upper or Lower Blepharoplasty KRW
2500000 - 2900000
1 day
Cosmetic &a; Plastic Surgery: Face
Chin Implant KRW
4200000 - 4900000
1 day
Facelift KRW
11000000 - 12700000
1 day
Forehead Implant KRW
4200000 - 4900000
1 day
Forehead Lift KRW
5000000 - 6800000
1 day
Genioplasty KRW
5000000 - 7800000
1 day
Neck Lift KRW
5900000 - 6800000
1 day
Zygomatic Reduction KRW
5000000 - 5800000
1 day
Cosmetic &a; Plastic Surgery: Nose
Corrective Rhinoplasty KRW
5900000 - 6800000
1 day
Rhinoplasty KRW
4200000 - 4900000
1 day
Tip Plasty KRW
3000000 - 3500000
1 day
Weight Loss Surgery
Liposuction KRW
2100000 - 5800000
1 day

Before and After:


  • Shin
    I had the contour surgery before but my cheeks were saggy after a while. So I got the basic lifting and chin line reduction. Now the saggy skin around my mouth is much better. I have been doing the home care too and seeing the difference day by day.
  • Lee
    I had lots of fat in my face and around the chin. Dr. Park recommended the chin line fat grating and lifting. After the lifting, my face looked much slimmer. I even asked if he did the cheeks too since I felt like it changed the whole face. I was surprised to see such results with just chin line and lifting. Thank you very much.
  • Oh
    My friend got her nose job done at Gami Clinic and it looked great. She recommended me and I had the consultation. The doctor recommended the epicanthoplasty with incision on the outer fold to change the sharp impression. It didn’t hurt, as much and I just had to not put on makeup for few days. After removing the stitches, the doctor kindly gave aftercare services and explained all of my questions. Thank you so much. I was worried in the beginning because of my red eyes but they disappeared after. Thank you again Dr. Park.
  • Kim
    It has been two weeks since I got the revision nose surgery. I wanted my nose tip to be lifted more. In addition, I got the full face fat grafting too. I got the round forehead that I wanted and a beautiful nose line. I think it will look much more natural once all the swelling is gone. I admire your talent Dr. Park!
  • Hong
    It was the first time hearing about ribbon lifting but I fell in love with this. I have a V-line face now and I look much younger. I am so happy and excited these days thanks to Dr. Park!