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Dr.Mi Dermatology

3F, 43 Dosan-daero, 27 Gil, Seoul, Seoul City, 06032, KR
2023-08-16 17:12:24

Hospital Introduction:

Dr. Mi Dermatology is located in Seoul, South Korea’s inspiring capital city. Offering a range of cosmetic dermatology treatments for the face and body we want to help you to look your best with our tried and trusted anti-aging and skin rejuvenation techniques.

Our clinic is part of the Dr. Mi Medical Group, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry in providing safe and reliable services. The clinic prides itself in delivering high-quality services with positive outcomes and customized treatments specific only to each individual.

Our treatments include the popular anti-aging injectables, such as Botox, and dermal fillers, including Ellanse®, Restylane®, Juvederm® and Teosyal®. We also offer laser treatments, such as Fraxel® and thread lifting, including the Ultra V Lift®, as well as other skin rejuvenation techniques that include whitening, facial contouring, chemical peels and acne injections.

Booking Your Appointment

Get in touch with a member of the Medical Departures Customer Care team to find out more about our services at Dr. Mi Dermatology, or to book an appointment. We're available 24/7 to assist you and there's never a charge for our services.

Hospital Environment:

  • Dr.Mi Dermatology -  Consultation room
    Dr.Mi Dermatology - Consultation room
  • Dr.Mi Dermatology - Lobby
    Dr.Mi Dermatology - Lobby
  • Dr.Mi Dermatology - Entrance
    Dr.Mi Dermatology - Entrance
  • Dr.Mi Dermatology - Treatment room
    Dr.Mi Dermatology - Treatment room

Hospital Doctor:

  • Dr.Hyun A, Kim
    Dr.Hyun A, Kim

Prices and Procedures:

Currency Selection:
Procedure Price Duration
Cosmetic Non Surgical Skin - Injectables &a; Dermal Fillers
Botox-Square Face Reduction KRW
120000 - 180000
1 day
Ellanse KRW
1 day
Filler Juvederm KRW
1 day
Restylane KRW
1 day
Teosyal KRW
1 day
Cosmetic Non Surgical Skin - Laser Treatments
Fraxel KRW
300000 - 1500000
1 day
Cosmetic Non Surgical Skin - Rejuvenation
Acne Injection KRW
1 day
Chemical Peel KRW
150000 - 300000
1 day
Facial Contouring KRW
1 day
Whitening KRW
1 day
Cosmetic Non Surgical Skin - Thread Lifting
550000 - 7000000
1 day
Ultra V Lift KRW
1 day

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