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How is ILUMI Plastic Surgery? Established for a Long Time and Specializes in Trendy Contour Surgeries

2023-12-28 09:19:07

ILUMI Plastic Surgery, which has been established for a long time, specializes in contour surgeries with a trendy style. ILUMI Plastic Surgery is quite famous abroad. It is an old hospital that offers a wide range of procedures, especially contouring, nose, double eyelid, and eye surgeries. The doctors at the hospital have excellent skills and different surgical styles, and detailed information can be found in the article.

ILUMI Plastic Surgery

How is ILUMI Plastic Surgery? Established for a Long Time with a Wide Range of Procedures:

Hospital Information:

ILUMI Plastic Surgery is an early-established comprehensive hospital in South Korea. It can carry out various procedures and has a relatively high reputation in the country. Many customers directly go to this hospital for consultation and surgery.

Hospital Environment:

The environment of ILUMI Plastic Surgery is quite good. It has a dedicated counseling area and consultation rooms. The counseling staff is always available to minimize any potential incidents during waiting time. The hospital is equipped with 3D-CT rooms, X-ray instruments, operating rooms, recovery rooms, etc. The overall decoration is simple and modern, and the overall operation is relatively formal.

Doctor's Skills:

Because ILUMI Plastic Surgery can offer a wide range of procedures, there are many doctors available for consultations. Some of the doctors include Dr. Hyeonu Hee, Dr. Keunchan Hwang, Dr. Zaihao Yan, Dr. Fu Geng Nam, etc. These doctors specialize in different procedures. For example, Dr. Hyeonu Hee mainly focuses on facial contouring. The doctors have extensive experience and can customize suitable surgical plans.

Doctor's Skills

Overall, ILUMI Plastic Surgery is quite good. From the perspectives of the hospital, environment, and doctors, ILUMI Plastic Surgery is a reliable hospital. Especially when it comes to contouring surgeries, such as cheekbone grinding, mandible angle grinding, and double eyelid surgeries, ILUMI Plastic Surgery offers various styles.

ILUMI Plastic Surgery has Specialized Techniques in Contouring Surgeries, with Versatile Styles.

Although ILUMI Plastic Surgery is a comprehensive hospital, it is mainly known for its contouring surgeries, including cheekbones, mandible angles, double eyelids, etc. The advantages of their contouring surgeries are as follow:

Short operating time: 

A contouring surgery usually takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Before the surgery, a 3D scanner is used to predict the expected results, and a targeted surgical plan is designed accordingly.

Less bleeding during surgery: 

Surgeons try to avoid blood vessels and nerves as much as possible to minimize bleeding. This results in cleaner incisions and less post-operative swelling.

Different contouring fixation methods: 

By using double fixation, asymmetry can be improved, and the occurrence of sagging cheeks after cheekbone surgeries can be minimized.

Post-operative management: 

Specialized swelling management is provided after the surgery. Patients can receive treatment in the hospital within a week after the operation, reducing the recovery time and promoting faster recovery.

contouring surgeries

After Understanding the Technical Advantages in Facial Contouring, Let's Explore their Style Through Several Contouring Examples:

Image 1: A before-and-after comparison of a patient's cheekbone and mandible angle surgeries at ILUMI Plastic Surgery. The front facial lines are smooth, and the protruding part of the mandible angle has been improved, leading to a natural-looking cheekbone.

Image 2: A customer who had contouring surgery at ILUMI Plastic Surgery with a trendy style. The lines are smooth, and there is no sagging of the skin post-surgery.

In conclusion, ILUMI Plastic Surgery is an established comprehensive hospital that offers a wide range of procedures. Their contouring style leans toward a trendy, internet-famous style. However, their techniques in facial bone grinding are excellent. Therefore, if you are interested in this style of contouring, you can consider visiting ILUMI Plastic Surgery for consultation.