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How Much Does Short Nose Surgery Cost in South Korea?

2023-12-26 17:03:24

South Korea has gained global recognition for its advanced and high-quality medical services, particularly in the field of cosmetic surgery. Among the various procedures offered, short nose surgery has become increasingly popular. This procedure aims to enhance the appearance of individuals with a shorter or flatter nose shape, ultimately achieving a more balanced and symmetrical facial profile. For those considering this surgery, it is crucial to explore the cost aspect associated with short nose surgery in South Korea.

Short Nose Surgery

How Much Does Short Nose Surgery Cost in South Korea?

The cost of short nose surgery can vary depending on several factors, including the clinic or hospital chosen, the expertise of the surgeon, the desired results, and additional services required. On average, the cost of short nose surgery in South Korea ranges from 4,000,000 to 8,000,000 Korean Won, which is approximately 3,300 to 6,600 US dollars. 

Short Nose Rhinoplasty is when the nose is short, and when lifted and viewed from the front, the nostrils are very visible. In this case, the nose can often be called a snub. As the short nose surgery to correct a short nose is of higher difficulty, to get satisfactory results, it is important to have a highly experienced surgeon.

The cost mentioned usually includes pre-operative consultations, the surgical procedure itself, post-operative care, and follow-up appointments. Additional expenses may arise if the patient requires additional services such as anesthesia, overnight hospital stay, or medication. These extra costs can be discussed during the initial consultations with the surgeon.

For potential patients, it is advisable to research and choose a reputable clinic or hospital that specializes in short nose surgery. 

How Much Does Short Nose Surgery Cost?

What is Short Nose Surgery in South Korea?

Telling you the features of short nose surgery features:

1. Smoothing a sharp and pointy arrow-like nose

2. Creating a softer overall image

3. A satisfactory line for both the bridge and end of the nose

Methods of Short Nose Surgery:

In cases where the wing cartilage at the end of the nose is raised, causing the nose to appear elevated as well, the top of the wing cartilage is trimmed and repositioned to create a longer appearance.

If the desired length of the nose is still not achieved after cartilage repair, cartilage transplantation can be performed. This involves adding septal cartilage between the bone and wing cartilage to further increase the length. The nasal septum cartilage is typically used for this procedure.

For individuals who want to raise both the bridge and the end of the nose after cartilage repair and transplantation, Rhinoplasty can be performed. This entails inserting an implant into the bridge of the nose, while cartilage from the ear is primarily used for the end of the nose.

What is Short Nose Surgery in South Korea?

The Surgery When Applicable in Korea

In cases where it is appropriate, surgical intervention can be considered. This may include situations where the nose appears short and the tip is elevated.

Additionally, if the nostrils are excessively prominent when observed from the front, despite having a normal nose length, surgery may be an option. Another indication for surgery is when the nose ends up resembling a "snub" nose following an implant procedure.