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How is Semi Plastic Surgery for Eye Repair? Director Park Sang-hyun is Skilled in Difficult Cases

2023-12-26 10:47:19

Which hospital in Korea is good for eye repair surgery? The small editor recommends Semi Plastic Surgery, as they are well-known for their eye repair surgeries both domestically and internationally. Many successful eye repair cases have been achieved at Semi Plastic Surgery. Now, let's analyze in depth how Semi Plastic Surgery performs eye repair.

How is Semi Plastic Surgery? Introducing Semi Plastic Surgery 

Semi Plastic Surgery has been established for over ten years and is located in the surrounding area of Apgujeong, Korea. For those who frequently visit Korea, they should be familiar with Apgujeong, which is known for having many plastic surgery hospitals. 

Semi Plastic Surgery stands out among numerous plastic surgery hospitals and their specialty is eye repair.

Semi Plastic Surgery

How is Semi Plastic Surgery for Eye Repair?

Among the plastic surgery hospitals near Apgujeong, Semi Plastic Surgery is famous for their eye repair services. They are known for specializing in eye repair projects.

What about Director Park Sang-hyun at Semi Plastic Surgery? Advantages introduction:

1. Director Park Sang-hyun has excellent eye repair skills. 

He specializes in eye repair surgeries and his surgical techniques are impeccable. His understanding of eye repair is different from other doctors. If other hospitals are unable to perform certain eye repair surgeries, the directors of those hospitals personally ask for assistance from Director Park. This means that even difficult eye repair cases can be successfully treated by Director Park Sang-hyun.

 Director Park Sang-hyun has excellent eye repair skills

2. Director Park Sang-hyun's expertise includes eye reconstructive surgery, difficult eye repair, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, fat grafting, thread lifting, and injections. Additionally, he can also perform procedures such as transforming double eyelids into single eyelids (which is quite rare in Korea). He can also perform eyelid skin grafting, transferring skin from other parts of the body to the eyes, resulting in a natural-looking outcome.

3. Director Park Sang-hyun is well-known in the Korean plastic surgery industry. 

Due to his excellent skills, he has been invited multiple times by large medical aesthetic hospitals in Korea to treat customers with failed eye surgeries, such as puffy eyes, downward triangle eyes, eye burns, and other difficult eye repair cases. Director Park is highly experienced in these areas.

operating rooms

Therefore, based on the comprehensive skills of Director Park Sang-hyun at Semi Plastic Surgery, the small editor believes that Semi Plastic Surgery is reliable for eye repair surgeries. If you have any eye repair concerns, it is definitely worth considering Semi Plastic Surgery.