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How is Glovi Plastic Surgery for Nose Jobs? Dr. Lu Feng Uses 3D Printing for More Accurate Results

2023-12-22 10:30:01

Glovi Plastic Surgery is quite well-known internationally, and many friends are curious about how Glovi Plastic Surgery performs nose jobs. In this article, we will offer a detailed introduction to Glovi Plastic Surgery, so you can understand how they do nose jobs.

Glovi Plastic Surgery

How is Glovi Plastic Surgery for Nose Jobs?

The Use of 3D printing Technology Allows for More Accurate Nose Reshaping. 

3D printing technology has been widely utilized in various fields, showcasing its capabilities. Glovi Plastic Surgery utilizes 3D printing for nasal reconstruction, allowing a clear and precise replication of each customer's nasal bone structure through CT scanning. Based on the customer's nasal bone structure, a custom-made prosthesis can be designed to perfectly fit the shape of the nose. 

This means that the printed prosthesis avoids the issues often associated with manually cut prostheses, such as imperfect fit or displacement, resulting in misalignment. With this approach, it truly becomes a personalized prosthesis, whether customers desire a slightly upturned nose, straight nose, or a refined one. 

It is worth noting that Glovi Plastic Surgery is one of the hospitals in South Korea that adopted 3D printing technology for nasal reconstruction early on.

3D printing for nasal reconstruction

Glovi Plastic Surgery's Nose Surgeons have Years of Experience. 

Dr. Lu Feng Yi, the representative director at Glovi Plastic Surgery, specializes in nose reshaping and anti-aging facial procedures. His surgical style is versatile, and he has successfully performed numerous surgeries, receiving consistent praise from both local and international clients. 

Dr. Kim Jae In, also a director at Glovi Plastic Surgery, focuses on nasal augmentation, nasal restoration, breast augmentation using implants, and breast fat filling. Dr. Kim has gained a reputation for being a patient and meticulous doctor, addressing all of the client's concerns. 

Hence, Glovi Plastic Surgery combines advanced 3D printing technology with the extensive clinical experience of its directors. Their nose job services receive high praise from satisfied clients.

Apart from their excellent nose job services, Glovi Plastic Surgery has also garnered praise for their breast augmentation procedures. With three dedicated consultation rooms, each featuring different displays of implants, Glovi Plastic Surgery offers tailored surgical plans for various types of implants.

nose job

Overall, Glovi Plastic Surgery excels in nose job procedures due to their advanced 3D printing technology and the extensive clinical experience of their directors. Additionally, their breast augmentation services are highly recommended.