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See Big Savings on Breast Enlargement in South Korea

2023-08-17 11:25:25

South Korea is a country where plastic surgery is common throughout all age groups, as it is considered aspirational for many women and men. As such, the standard of treatment and care there is very high, although despite South Korea is an advanced country these days, the prices remain comparatively low. As such, anyone looking to take advantage of lower cosmetic surgery prices would be wise to look into a breast enlargement in South Korea .

South Korea first came to prominence in the Western World when it hosted the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, its capital. In the thirty years since, it has hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2002, and the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, once more showcasing this incredible country on the world’s stage. Also, South Korea is now one of the most technologically advanced in the world, giving us innovative technology and manufacturing giants like Samsung and Hyundai amongst many others.

How Much is a Breast Enlargement in South Korea?

The table below shows that you could save around half the cost of surgery in your home country by having the treatment in South Korea:




NZ $

UK £


US $


Breast Augmentation Cost –








Breast Enlargement Cost –

South Korea







Are South Korea’s Healthcare Facilities as Good as the West?

South Korea is ranked 11th in the world for life expectancy by the World Health Organization, and has excellent healthcare facilities. Seoul is considered to be the plastic surgery capital , with more than 500 aesthetic clinics located in the Gangnam District alone (yes, home of the famous Gangnam Style).

Aesthetics and beauty are taken very seriously here, so surgeons in the country are highly respected and skilled. As well as giving us Gangnam Style, the country is also one of the world leaders in all things beauty. It is among the Top 10 in the world for cosmetic and aesthetic treatment(surgical as well as non-invasive), and its cosmetics and beauty products are highly sought after across the globe. In fact, South Korea has become the test-bed for new products from global cosmetics companies as well, as Korean women are keen to try new trends. You could say South Korea is very much at the forefront of a beauty revolution.

How to Choose a Clinic in South Korea?

We always recommend that you do your own background checks, even though it isn’t always so easy when you are assessing clinics and doctors abroad. If you don’t know where to start, Medical Departures can help. All the clinics you see listed on our website have been verified and background checked by us. Our checks include legal/criminal records as well as doctor qualifications and professional memberships, like the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). We also publish real patient reviews, clinic photos, before & after photos and prices – making it easy for you to make your own informed choice.

A good starting point to see what is available would be to take a look at some of our recommended South Korean clinics here:

  • Grand Plastic Surgery

  • Dream Medical Group

  • Banobagi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking abroad for an affordable breast enlargement, then South Korea ticks all the boxes. It has high-quality facilities, is a modern and fascinating country with a culture to rival any of its Asian neighbours, and it is excellent value for money. Contact us today to book your appointment!


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