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Top 10 Dental Hospitals in South Korea-Minish Dental Hospital/ID Hospital/Euro Dental Center are Affordable and Trustworthy

2023-12-21 13:57:24

The dental standards in South Korea are more advanced compared to those in the domestic market. Many international students and foreigners choose to undergo dental treatments in South Korea, but most of them are unaware of which dental hospitals are the best.

top 10 dental hospitals in South Korea

So today, let me introduce to you the top ten dental hospitals in South Korea through this list.

Who are the top 10 dental hospitals in South Korea? Let's take a look...

Minish Dental Hospital: 

If you want to get porcelain veneers in a Korean dental hospital, Minish Dental Hospital is your ideal choice. It is a star hospital where many Korean celebrities go to get veneers for a perfect smile. Minish Dental Hospital focuses on overall teeth alignment and brightness, designing specific smiles to meet the golden standard of showing eight upper and eight lower teeth. The head dentist develops personalized plans based on the patient's oral condition, personality style, personal requests, and teeth preferences. 

Once the plan is finalized, the hospital's own technicians handcraft the veneers. As machines cannot achieve the required thickness of the veneers (a few millimeters), manual work is necessary to ensure minimum tooth grinding. If you want beautiful, suitable, and minimally invasive ultra-thin veneers, Minish Dental Hospital is the place for you.

Minish Dental Hospital

Address: 728 Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

ID Hospital: 

ID Hospital is a large-scale plastic surgery hospital in Seoul, and their dental department is also exceptional. Regardless of the condition of your teeth, ID Hospital can provide dental treatment for international customers within 24 hours, making it particularly convenient for short-stay customers. The head dentist at ID Hospital has more than 10 years of experience in the field of dental care, having received training at Seoul National University. 

The hospital is equipped with advanced dental devices, such as a 3D-CT precision diagnostic instrument that allows for careful analysis of the jaw bone, facial bone, teeth, and tooth roots, presenting a 3D image. They also have the CEREC chair-side system for customizing dental designs, production, and repairs. If you want high-quality dental services abroad, ID Hospital is a great choice.

ID Hospital

Address: 142 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Euro Dental Center: 

Euro Dental Center is a well-established dental clinic in Seoul for nearly 20 years and is particularly known for its beautiful female representative director, Dr. Lee Su-jin. Dr. Lee Su-jin is a well-known female implant surgeon in Korea and frequently shares dental knowledge on social media platforms like Instagram. 

Additionally, Euro Dental Center is highly praised by domestic and international customers for its porcelain veneer technology and teeth alignment techniques. In 2016 and 2017, they received the Korean Health Industry Dental Award, attracting many overseas customers and international students. For these foreign customers, Euro Dental Center provides dedicated translation services for effortless communication.

Euro Dental Center

Address: 27, 4th floor, 61st Street, Daeshin Building, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Wonjin Plastic Surgery: 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery specializes in dental aesthetics as an aesthetic clinic. Their cold light teeth whitening procedure uses high-intensity blue light at a specific wavelength, which has harmful red and ultraviolet rays removed through fiber optic processing. 

The clinic uses a whitening agent that is water-based, ensuring no damage to the gums or tooth enamel. Many Korean university students and office workers visit Wonjin Plastic Surgery for teeth whitening. If you want dental aesthetic treatments, you can visit Wonjin Plastic Surgery.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Address: Rui-jeokdong, Suyu-gu, Seoul

Armtree Dental Clinic: 

Armtree Dental Clinic excels in performing complex dental implant surgeries and can stabilize implants in thin alveolar bones. When the alveolar bone is weak, the implanted tooth tends to become unstable. In such cases, Armtree Dental Clinic performs bone grafting surgery to strengthen the supporting alveolar bone, creating conditions for stable implantation. 

Implanting teeth with insufficient bone can be quite challenging, so it is essential for experienced surgeons to perform the procedure. Armtree Dental Clinic's implant surgeons have decades of experience and are highly trusted.

Armtree Dental Clinic

Address: 478 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Faceline Plastic Surgery: 

Although Faceline Plastic Surgery is primarily an aesthetic clinic, their dental department is also impressive. For dental implants, they use a minimally invasive procedure with no gingival incision, making use of a drilling technique through tiny holes. This results in less post-operative bleeding and pain for patients. 

The clinic is equipped with advanced scanning devices that can quickly analyze and design implant plans, allowing for same-day customized implant procedures that do not require temporary crowns. Thus, customers who cannot stay for an extended period can quickly improve their teeth at Faceline Plastic Surgery.

Faceline Plastic Surgery

Manhattan Dental Hospital

Manhattan Dental Hospital is a dental hospital in South Korea that is frequently visited by celebrities, all attracted by the fame of its director. Director Ham Daeyeon graduated from Yonsei University and taught implantology at Harvard University College of Dentistry for six years. After returning to Korea in 2018, he opened this dental hospital, attracting many patients who come seeking dental treatment, eager to experience the renowned expertise of Director Ham.

Manhattan Dental Hospital

Address: 11th floor, SYH Building, 107 Daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Dain Dental Hospital

Dain Dental Hospital is a large-scale dental hospital located in Seoul, Gangbuk District. With nine department directors specializing in implant dentistry, orthodontics, dental cosmetics, oral management, radiology, natural tooth preservation, and oral surgery, Dain Dental Hospital offers highly targeted treatments in various departments. If you want to have a good dental experience in Gangbuk District, Dain Dental Hospital is your top choice.

Dain Dental Hospital

Address: 10th - 11th floor, Grand Department Store, 57-1 Sogong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Zeah Dental Hospital

At Zeah Dental Hospital, customers can receive personalized consultations and surgeries from Dr. Kang Yong-ho, a renowned dentist who graduated from Seoul National University. What sets Zeah Dental Hospital apart is that all its staff members can perform surgeries. They can even perform double jaw contouring surgery to help improve the aesthetics of the teeth. 

Dr. Kang Yong-ho, the head dentist, is a lecturer at Seoul National University with 21 years of experience in complex surgical procedures and can perform orthodontic and orthognathic surgeries. At Zeah Dental Hospital, patients can receive one-on-one personalized care in the field of dental treatment.

Zeah Dental Hospital

Address: 4th floor, 416-4, Jiangnam-daero, Jiangnam-gu, Seoul (Yisan-dong)

Goodlife Dental Hospital

Goodlife Dental Hospital is a healthcare department-certified hospital for treating overseas patients, making it convenient for international patients. Its director, Lee Sang-mang, has established a stable treatment system that allows patients of all ages to undergo sleep treatment. The hospital also has an anesthesiologist from a regular hospital. Patients at Goodlife Dental Hospital undergo treatment while asleep, making the hospital well-known for its sleep treatment methods.

Goodlife Dental Hospital

Address: 476 Jiangnam-daero, Jiangnam-gu, Seoul

Overall, do you have any insight into which dental hospital in South Korea is the best? These top ten dental hospitals in South Korea each have their own advantages, so patients should carefully choose the one that suits their specific needs. Moreover, the fees charged by these Seoul dental hospitals are within the normal range, so patients from other countries can confidently consider seeking treatment there. If you are interested in visiting any of these dental hospitals listed in the ranking, please consult with us.