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Classy Plastic Surgery's Nose Reshaping Examples: Different Techniques for Low Nose, Hooked Nose, and Nasal Repair

2023-12-20 15:13:26

It is known that Classy Plastic Surgery is good at nose reshaping, but the specific reasons are unclear. Today, I would like to share with you some examples of nose reshaping done by Classy Plastic Surgery, especially for correcting low nose, hooked nose, and nasal repair. From these example photos, we can see that the hospital has good techniques for nose augmentation and the fees are not as expensive as imagined.

Classy Plastic Surgery

Classy Plastic Surgery's Nose Reshaping Examples: Different Nose Conditions Require Different Surgical Approaches

▲Classy Plastic Surgery's technique and example photos of nose reshaping for low nose:

1. The advantages of low nose reshaping technique:

Based on my understanding, Classy Plastic Surgery aims to improve collapsed nose and low nasal bridge through targeted surgery. The operation time is relatively short, about one and a half hours, and can be done under local or sleep anesthesia. The recovery period is only about 4 to 5 days, mainly due to different surgical approaches.

For low nose reshaping, the hospital uses silicone implants on the nasal bridge and employs nasal tip cartilage manipulation with nasal septum and ear cartilage for nasal bridge elevation. This overall elevation makes the improved nose look more natural. Additionally, there are various causes for a low nose, and the doctors will provide different surgical plans for each specific case to address them accordingly.

2. Sharing of example photos for low nose reshaping:

example photos for low nose reshaping

These are comparison photos of a customer who underwent low nose reshaping at Classy Plastic Surgery. Prior to the surgery, the nose had a collapsed appearance without a defined nasal tip. However, after nose augmentation with implants and ear cartilage, the nose looks much more refined, greatly enhancing the customer's profile.

▲Technique and example photos of hooked nose correction at Classy Plastic Surgery:

1. The advantages of hooked nose correction technique:

The approach used by Classy Plastic Surgery for hooked nose correction is different from other hospitals. Depending on the severity of the hooking, they may either directly shave down the nasal bone or employ methods like grinding to improve the condition. In more severe cases, nasal bone and cartilage may need to be removed, and sometimes nasal bone resection is performed to remove any protrusions on the nasal bridge, resulting in a more natural appearance after surgery.

2. Sharing of example photos for hooked nose correction:

hooked nose correction

In the side profile photo of this customer, it is evident that the original nose had uneven lines, making it unattractive. This customer had a moderately hooked nose with a slight hump, so the surgery involved removing part of the nasal bone and nasal tip along with reshaping the nasal dorsum to create smoother lines. After the rhinoplasty, the nose appeared delicately curved, giving a more dynamic look.

▲Technique and example photos of nasal repair at Classy Plastic Surgery:

1. The advantages of nasal repair technique:

Currently, Classy Plastic Surgery's nose surgery techniques are excellent for procedures such as altering a collapsed nose, repairing a rib-grafted nose, or correcting a deviated nasal tip. However, it is recommended to wait for about 6 months after nose augmentation surgery before proceeding with further correction. In cases of a deviated nose, a revision surgery is performed to reposition the nasal implant. For post-augmentation collapse, the weak nasal tip cartilage can be strengthened with ear or rib cartilage implantation to significantly improve the appearance of the nasal tip.

2. Sharing of example photos for nasal repair:

nasal repair

This customer had previously undergone nose augmentation surgery that resulted in absorption and softening of the nasal tip cartilage. After careful consideration, the customer underwent revision surgery at Classy Plastic Surgery. From what I gathered, the customer's nose tip cartilage was restored to its original position, and the nasal bridge was also meticulously corrected. After the revision, the nose appeared more aesthetically pleasing.

Let's Take a Look at the Prices of Nose Reshaping at Classy Plastic Surgery for Reference

Based on the current exchange rate, the prices are converted to the corresponding USD:

- Nasal bridge correction surgery: Starting from $2,500

- Short nose repair surgery: Starting from $1,200

- Nasal implant removal: Starting from $2,500

- Nasal tip + nasal bridge composite surgery: Starting from $5,000

- Failed nose augmentation repair surgery: Starting from $8,400

These are the overall contents of the nose reshaping examples shared by Classy Plastic Surgery, from which we can see that their techniques are excellent and the prices are reasonable.

Moreover, the post-surgery photos show natural-looking results. Therefore, anyone who likes Classy Plastic Surgery's nose augmentation techniques, style, and approach can refer to this information.