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What about Park Sang-hyun's Double Eyelid Repair at Semi Plastic Surgery?

2023-12-19 09:10:11

Does anyone know how Park Sang-hyun performs double eyelid repair at Semi Plastic Surgery? It is well-known in South Korea that Director Park is skilled in repairing eyes, particularly in addressing the "meat strip" issue. This article will provide examples of eye repairs done by Director Park.

examples of eye repairs done by Director Park

Park Sang-hyun, Director of Semi Plastic Surgery, is quite Famous in South Korea for his Double Eyelid Repair Skills.

Other Korean hospitals often seek his help for complicated eye repair surgeries.

Park Sang-hyun's personal background: 

Director Park from Semi Plastic Surgery graduated from Yonsei University College of Medicine and has been working in the plastic surgery industry for more than 15 years. He holds a prominent position in the field of eye plastic surgery and has been invited to large aesthetic hospitals in Korea multiple times to repair eyes that have suffered severe failures.

Director Park enjoys performing double eyelid repair surgery because of its difficulty and challenging nature, and he feels a great sense of accomplishment after completing such surgeries.

Director Park performs various types of double eyelid repair surgeries, including scar restoration, the "meat strip" sensation, asymmetrical eyes, squinting, sunken eye sockets, droopy upper eyelids, inability to fully close eyes, ectropion, "three white" eyes, and widening of the eye corners. All of these conditions can be improved through eye repair surgeries at Semi Plastic Surgery.

Director Park has his Own Pursuit and Principles When it Comes to Plastic Surgery. 

At Semi Plastic Surgery, he suggests reasonable eye repair surgery plans that take into consideration the customers' facial features and opinions, instead of simply fulfilling their requests. 

He also has a unique eye design standard and is skilled in treating difficult eye repair cases such as puffy eyes, inverted triangle eyes, and eye burns.

a unique eye design standard

Director Park is Particularly Skilled in Addressing the "meat strip" Sensation in Double Eyelids. 

Here, we'll share an example of Director Park's successful repair of the "meat strip" sensation:

One of the customers had a severe "meat strip" sensation in their double eyelids, which other hospitals were unable to repair. They were specifically referred to Director Park. After removing the existing scar tissue, Director Park narrowed the lines of the double eyelid, eliminating the "meat strip" sensation, and performed lifting muscle correction. The customer now has beautiful double eyelids.

 example of Director Park's successful repair of the "meat strip" sensation

In conclusion, you now have an understanding of how Park Sang-hyun of Semi Plastic Surgery repairs double eyelids. He is highly skilled in addressing the "meat strip" sensation in the eyes and has a good reputation.