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How is the Contouring Done at GNG Plastic Surgery? It is a Specialty of the Hospital, with a Natural and Glamorous Style

2023-12-11 08:58:51

When it comes to the question of where to get a good contouring three-piece set in Korea, many people have heard of GNG Plastic Surgery. Contouring is a specialty project at GNG Plastic Surgery that is known for its natural and glamorous style.

GNG Plastic Surgery

How is Contouring Done at GNG Plastic Surgery?

Those familiar with GNG Plastic Surgery probably know that it is renowned for nose procedures and nasal repairs. The nose procedures at GNG Plastic Surgery focus on both aesthetics and functional restoration, addressing issues such as nasal septum deviation and rhinitis. 

In addition to nose procedures, contouring is another specialty at GNG Plastic Surgery. 

The contouring process at GNG Plastic Surgery is very meticulous. Before the surgery, a detailed understanding of the facial contour is obtained through 3D-CT, X-ray, and 3D scanning. The surgical plan is created based on facial consultations and 3D imaging. Preoperative examinations include nearly 50 comprehensive tests, ensuring that patients can feel reassured during the contouring surgery. 

How is Contouring Done at GNG Plastic Surgery?

Moreover, GNG Plastic Surgery's operating rooms are equipped with Hepa air filters for ventilation, effectively filtering the external air and providing clean and circulated air, reducing concerns related to airborne contamination and infections.

The Natural and Glamorous Style of GNG Plastic Surgery's Contouring, Led by Dr. Kim Hye Young

The contouring style at GNG Plastic Surgery is natural and glamorous, meaning that the resulting contour looks beautiful while still maintaining a natural appearance. 

Let's take Dr. Kim Hye Young's contouring three-piece set at GNG Plastic Surgery as an example. 

Dr. Kim Hye Young

Despite being a female surgeon, Dr. Kim Hye Young has more than ten years of experience specializing in contouring surgery. Her expertise allows her to better understand the aesthetic preferences and needs of female patients, facilitating effective communication during consultations. 

If you want to know how contouring is done at GNG Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kim Hye Young's techniques are worth examining. She carefully removes swelling layer by layer during the procedure, ensuring smooth and precise bone cutting for both the jawline and cheekbones, without creating irregularities. 

Consequently, the chance of excessive bleeding during the surgery is minimal (the need for blood bag usage depends on intraoperative bleeding). When performing jawbone contouring, Dr. Kim Hye Young retains some bone for the patient to see after the procedure. Additionally, for those concerned about postoperative sagging of the face after bone shaving, combining thread lifting with the contouring surgery can address this issue. 
GNG's contouring

In general, GNG Plastic Surgery's contouring style leans towards a natural and glamorous look, but Dr. Kim Hye Young also takes your preferences into account when designing the procedure.

GNG Plastic Surgery's Contouring Surgery Price List:

- Contouring three-piece set: Starting from $10,900

- Jawline + Chin: Starting from $7,900

- Jawline + Cheekbones: Starting from $7,900

- Chin correction: Starting from $4,600

- Jawline contouring: Starting from $4,600

- Cheekbones: Starting from $4,600

In conclusion, GNG Plastic Surgery is known for its specialty contouring projects, particularly the natural and glamorous style of the contouring three-piece set.