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Glovi Plastic Surgery's Breast Augmentation Technique: Reliable and Supported by Numerous Examples

2023-12-06 15:19:06

In recent years, plastic surgery in South Korea has become increasingly common, with breast augmentation being a popular procedure. Glovi Plastic Surgery, known for its breast augmentation services, has many patients who choose director Nam Sang Jai for their breast surgeries. Those interested in understanding the breast augmentation technology of Nam Sang Jai at the clinic can continue reading.

Glovi Plastic Surgery

Glovi Plastic Surgery's Breast Augmentation Technique is Reliable: Nam Sang Jai is a trusted director.

1. Glovi Plastic Surgery has three breast augmentation consultation rooms: 

The rooms feature consultations for the most popular breast implants in South Korea, including Motiva, Sebbin, and MENTOR. These rooms offer a wide range of implant options, allowing patients to feel the implants and understand their advantages before the surgery.

2. Nam Sang Jai's Breast Augmentation Technique at Glovi Plastic Surgery is Excellent: 

The technique involves endoscopic dissection and non-contact placement of breast implants. This results in improved surgical visibility, precise dissection of tissues, minimal trauma, and reduced risk of postoperative infections by avoiding direct contact with the implants.

3. Nam Sang Jai at Glovi Plastic Surgery Ensures Full Follow-up for Breast Augmentation Surgeries: 

Nam Sang Jai is involved in every step of the surgery. He provides detailed preoperative consultations, performs precise surgical operations, and personally follows up with patients during each postoperative visit and suture removal. This level of care ensures the well-being and recovery of patients, instilling confidence in them.

4. Reasonable Prices for Nam Sang Jai's Breast Augmentation at Glovi Plastic Surgery:

Breast augmentation with implants can cost between $7,000 and $15,000, depending on the chosen brand of breast implants.

Glovi Plastic Surgery's Breast Augmentation Showcases Numerous Examples: Nam Sang Jai's Success with Breast Implants

A 30-year-old woman felt extremely insecure and lacked confidence due to her flat and unfulfilled breasts. To address this concern, she decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Before the surgery, Nam Sang Jai thoroughly consulted and evaluated the patient. Based on her physical condition and desires, the director selected suitable Motiva breast implants for the surgery.

After the procedure, the patient's breasts became fuller, and their shape improved. More importantly, three months later, the Motiva breast implants felt extremely soft. The patient was delighted and surprised by the excellent results of her breast augmentation with implants.

Glovi Plastic Surgery's Breast Augmentation Showcases

The breast augmentation examples from Glovi Plastic Surgery demonstrate that Nam Sang Jai's technique with Motiva breast implants is indeed remarkable. It not only provides the desired breast shape but also ensures a soft and natural feel after the surgery. Those considering breast augmentation with implants may want to consider Glovi Plastic Surgery.