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How is VG Plastic Surgery's Ren Rongmin at Doing Facelifts? Ren Rongmin Excels at Forehead Lifts and Facelifts

2023-12-06 08:56:56

There are quite a few people who come to VG Plastic Surgery for facelift surgery. Before the procedure, many people want to know how Ren Rongmin from VG Plastic Surgery performs facelifts and how much it costs. Based on Ren Rongmin's personal resume and customer feedback after the surgery, it is evident that Ren Rongmin excels at forehead lifts and facelifts, and the prices are reasonable.

How is Ren Rongmin from VG Plastic Surgery at Doing Facelifts? Ren Rongmin Excels at Forehead Lifts and Facelifts. 

Ren Rongmin is the director of VG Plastic Surgery and holds a doctoral degree in medicine. Ren Rongmin, also known as the "director with excellent skills," specializes in facial rejuvenation surgeries among the various procedures offered at the clinic. He is one of the top ten renowned doctors in South Korea for facelift surgeries. 


Ren Rongmin is frequently sought after by numerous celebrities in South Korea. His approach to facelift surgeries prioritizes health and aims to create natural facial contours, making him a popular choice in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Ren Rongmin from VG Plastic Surgery Excels at Facelifts, Forehead Lifts, and Facelifts. 

Ren Rongmin performs facelift surgeries with minimal incisions, which allows for simultaneous contouring and facelift procedures to achieve an improved diamond-like facial shape. The significant characteristics of Ren Rongmin's excellent facelift technique include solving facial sagging and looseness from the source, resulting in better post-surgery effects and long-lasting maintenance. The small incisions made outside the ears during the surgery ensure minimal scarring. In addition, the facelift procedure can simultaneously address cheek contours and double chin issues. 

Ren Rongmin's overall surgical style at VG Plastic Surgery leans towards a glamorous and European-American aesthetic. The clinic collaborates with popular internet models for promotion and regularly recruits them for surgery, followed by post-surgery publicity.

If you are considering a facelift surgery with Ren Rongmin, you can make an appointment in advance.

Examples of Ren Rongmin's Excellent Facelift Surgeries at VG Plastic Surgery. 

Examples of facelift surgery

When I saw this set of photos, I was truly amazed. My initial reaction was, "Is this the same person?" However, from the pictures, it is obvious that Ren Rongmin's facelift work is exceptional. 

The forehead lift procedure features minimally invasive endoscopic techniques, resulting in minimal scarring, alleviating forehead wrinkles, and addressing droopy eyelids simultaneously. The recovery time is short, and patients experience a rapid restoration without any foreign body sensation. 

Ren Rongmin's endoscopic forehead lift involves making five small incisions measuring 1-2cm within the hairline. The procedure includes detaching the forehead skin using an endoscope, removing excessive sagging muscles, and then performing forehead and eyebrow lifts with fixation. Dissolvable sutures are used, which disappear within approximately one year. After a successful recovery, patients often appear to have transformed. 

For instance, a 50-year-old individual may look around 30 years old after the surgery. Ren Rongmin's forehead lift technique is truly remarkable and can create a significant change in appearance.

The post-surgery effects

Ren Rongmin from VG Plastic Surgery is widely recognized for his excellent facelift skills, especially in forehead lifts and overall facelift procedures. The post-surgery effects are evident.

VG Plastic Surgery's Price List for Facelift Procedures is as Follows:

- MACS lift: Starting from $8,400

- Full-face lift: Starting from $16,800

- Contouring + full-face lift: Starting from $25,200

- Neck lift: Starting from $11,760

- Endoscopic forehead lift with peptide: Starting from $6,720

- Forehead reduction: Starting from $8,400

- Forehead lift: Approximately $5,000-$6,720

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