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Is MadeYoung Plastic Surgery Pricey for Jawline Contouring? No, MadeYoung Plastic Surgery offers Jawline Contouring starting from $5,200

2023-12-04 09:05:51

When it comes to famous contouring plastic surgery hospitals in Korea, is MadeYoung Plastic Surgery expensive for jawline contouring? Not at all. According to information, MadeYoung Plastic Surgery offers Jawline Contouring starting from $5,200 and Facial Contouring Package starting from $13,600. Not only are the prices reasonable, but the results from MadeYoung Plastic Surgery are also natural and aesthetically pleasing.

MadeYoung Plastic Surgery

Is MadeYoung Plastic Surgery Expensive for Jawline Contouring?

MadeYoung Plastic Surgery is not expensive. The prices for jawline contouring, facial contouring package, and zygomatic arch inner pushing surgery at MadeYoung Plastic Surgery are as follows:

- Jawline Osteotomy Surgery: starting from $5,200

- Zygomatic Arch Inner Pushing Surgery: starting from $5,200

- Chin T-Osteotomy Surgery: starting from $5,200

- Jawline Osteotomy + Arcus Reduction: starting from $9,800

- Jawline Osteotomy + Chin T-Osteotomy: starting from $9,800

- Facial Contouring Package: starting from $13,600

Overall, MadeYoung Plastic Surgery offers reasonably priced jawline contouring services. The cost for jawline surgery starts from $5,200, and the pricing for facial contouring package starts from $13,600. These prices are generally in line with the average cost of contouring surgeries in Korea.

Now, since the surgery prices are reasonable, let's explore how jawline contouring and facial contouring package surgeries are performed at MadeYoung Plastic Surgery. 

jawline contouring

Jawline Contouring at MadeYoung Plastic Surgery: Starting from $5,200, with Excellent Technique and Rapid Recovery

MadeYoung Plastic Surgery utilizes the long curved osteotomy technique for jawline contouring, which is not only affordable but also offers a quick recovery.

The advantages of this surgery are as follows: 

1) Significant facial shape changes through long curved osteotomy;

2) Less chance of secondary angles after surgery;

3) No sagging after bone reduction.

For jawline contouring, MadeYoung Plastic Surgery makes an incision inside the mouth and performs a long curved bone removal from the root of the ear to the end of the chin. This effectively reduces the size of the bone from a lateral perspective while also improving the condition of jawbone protrusion when viewed from the front. The results are quite dramatic.

In addition, MadeYoung Plastic Surgery not only performs bone reduction on the lower part of the chin but also uses an ultrasonic bone scalpel to perform the bone reduction in the mandibular angle area in one go. This ensures smooth and natural results, with no significant angles or step-like appearances after the surgery. To prevent sagging after jawline bone reduction, MadeYoung Plastic Surgery reallocates the tissue above the periosteum, fixing the soft tissues to the fascia layer. The chance of facial sagging or drooping after surgery is very low, resulting in a tight and effective facial contour.

jawline contouring surgery at MadeYoung Plastic Surgery

The jawline contouring surgery at MadeYoung Plastic Surgery usually takes around 60 minutes, and the stitches are removed after 3 days. Swelling subsides and natural recovery can be observed within 1-3 months, without affecting daily appearance or work.

MadeYoung Plastic Surgery's Facial Contouring Package: Starting from $13,600, with a Natural and Reliable Style

Compared to jawline contouring, the price of the facial contouring package at MadeYoung Plastic Surgery is slightly higher, as it involves comprehensive improvement of the face.

The Facial Contouring Package at MadeYoung Plastic Surgery includes the following procedures: Jawline Reduction + Zygomatic Arch Inner Pushing + Chin T-Osteotomy.

The advantages of this surgery are as follows: 1) Minimal dissection;

2) Fixation with titanium nails and plates;

3) Reasonable amount of bone reduction for a natural style.

Facial Contouring

MadeYoung Plastic Surgery places emphasis on facial contouring as one of its key treatment options. Prior to surgery, personalized plans are made based on individual's condition such as prominent zygomatic bones, mandibular protrusion, and chin shape, using the 3D-CT system for diagnosis. The design is customized rather than following a standardized approach.

During the contouring surgery, a minimally invasive incision is made inside the mouth for zygomatic arch inner pushing. Gentle dissection is performed between the zygomatic bone and the skull bone, fixing it at a 45-degree angle inward. To address the issue of thick soft tissues, liposuction is also performed on the zygomatic bone. This lifting and fixing technique creates a harmonious and firm contour without leaving any bone seams, ensuring a smooth transition between bones.

For the chin T-osteotomy in the facial contouring package, minimal dissection is performed wherever possible to improve the thickness, length, and width of the bones. After the surgery, the connection between the chin, zygomatic bone, and jawline is smoother, resulting in significant changes in facial contour. The overall facial appearance is natural, without a "one-size-fits-all" look. The facial lines are smooth and natural, both from the front and side views.

In summary, MadeYoung Plastic Surgery offers reasonable prices for bone reduction procedures. The recommended director for contouring surgeries at MadeYoung Plastic Surgery is Dr. Xu Fanxin. He has a medical background and extensive experience in bone reduction surgeries, gaining him significant recognition in Korea.

Dr. Xu Fanxin

In addition to the expertise of Dr. Xu Fanxin, MadeYoung Plastic Surgery is a reputable hospital specializing in facial contouring surgeries. The hospital possesses proper qualifications and employs three anesthesiologists who provide 1-on-1 monitoring throughout the entire surgery, resulting in low surgical risks and higher peace of mind.

In conclusion, the above information answers the question of whether MadeYoung Plastic Surgery is expensive for jawline contouring. If you are planning to undergo jawline contouring or facial contouring package surgery at MadeYoung Plastic Surgery, you can refer to the aforementioned pricing. The fees are reasonable, and you will receive continuous care from specialized doctors, ensuring reliable and competent techniques. It is worth considering a consultation with MadeYoung Plastic Surgery.