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How Much does Zygoma Reduction Surgery Cost in Korea? My Experience with Zygoma Reduction at 1% Plastic Surgery

2023-11-30 15:24:10

Wondering how much money you need to prepare for zygoma reduction surgery in South Korea? I can answer that question because I recently had a zygoma reduction procedure done at 1% Plastic Surgery.

zygoma reduction surgery

Let's Talk about the Prices I Discovered for Zygoma Reduction Surgery in Korea:

- Mandible angle reduction: starting from $4800

- Zygoma reduction: starting from $4800

- Chin T-bone reduction: starting from $4800

- V-line surgery: starting from $6400

- Zygoma + V-line surgery: starting from $9600

- Zygoma + mandible angle reduction: starting from $8000

- Facial contour three-piece set: starting from $11200

- Nose base filling: starting from $3200

- Cortical bone reduction: starting from $2400

- Buccal fat pad removal: starting from $2400

- Chin implant: starting from $2400

I spent approximately $11200 on my facial contour three-piece set procedure at 1% Plastic Surgery, so this can serve as a reliable reference.

If you don't know which plastic surgery hospital in Korea is better for facial contouring, you might want to take a look at the zygoma reduction surgery example that I had at 1% Plastic Surgery.

Before and after Comparison Photos of Zygoma Reduction, Mandible Angle Reduction, and Chin Surgery at 1% Plastic Surgery.

comparison photos of zygoma reduction

You can see from the before photos that my temples were sunken, my zygoma bone was protruding, and I had a square-shaped chin, which made me look older. 

However, after getting a zygoma reduction, mandible angle reduction, and chin surgery from Dr. Lin Zongyu at 1% Plastic Surgery, my facial lines became fuller and more natural. The lines of my zygoma and mandible angle became smoother, and there were no secondary angles. Moreover, I looked much younger overall.

Reasons for Choosing 1% Plastic Surgery for Zygoma and Mandible Angle Surgery

1% Plastic Surgery

Dr. Lin Zongyu graduated from the Medical School of Seoul National University and has worked at ID Hospital for many years. He focuses more on detail-oriented procedures rather than speed and quantity. 

The hospital also has a specialized anesthesiology department and facilities to prevent surgical risks, which adds to a sense of professionalism and reassurance. Additionally, the private hospital rooms at 1% Plastic Surgery provide excellent privacy and eliminate disturbances from others.

Therefore, if you are considering getting zygoma reduction surgery in South Korea but don't know which hospital to choose, you might want to consider 1% Plastic Surgery. The prices for zygoma reduction at this hospital are reasonable, and the doctors are skilled.