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How is I Contact Plastic Surgery? Is the Meatball Eye Repair Technique Good and Affordable?

2023-11-30 10:37:56

So, how is I Contact Plastic Surgery? If you're interested in getting double eyelid surgery, eye repair, converting double eyelids to monolids, or getting rid of meatball eyes, keep reading as we introduce the outstanding features of I Contact Plastic Surgery.

I Contact Plastic Surgery

Let's Analyze I Contact Plastic Surgery from Five Aspects:

1. I Contact Plastic Surgery exclusively focuses on eye procedures, resulting in a large number of cases. When you visit the clinic, you can refer to similar cases that closely resemble your own eyes. This helps you gain a better understanding by comparing before and after improvements in others' eyes.

before and after

2. The clinic's director has a keen aesthetic sense and doesn't prefer the cookie-cutter approach for double eyelid surgery. Instead, the procedure is designed based on your facial shape. For example, an oval face is better suited for fan-shaped double eyelids, while a square or round face is more suitable for crescent-shaped double eyelids. 

Factors such as the distance between your eyebrows and eyes, as well as the width of your forehead, are also taken into consideration.

Moreover, the most important aspect of getting double eyelids at I Contact Plastic Surgery is that they preserve the unique characteristics of your eyes. In simple terms, they make your eyes look naturally beautiful and lively.

3. Post-operative care at I Contact Plastic Surgery is well-managed. After getting double eyelids at the clinic, dedicated staff follows up on your condition daily. If you have any questions, you can ask them anytime. They also make thoughtful arrangements in advance for suture removal and follow-up appointments.


4. Regarding eye repair, Dr. Lee Sik Hyun, the director of I Contact Plastic Surgery, thoroughly analyzes the reasons for initial eye surgery failures and provides corrective procedures to address those issues.

5. I Contact Plastic Surgery is transparent about the pricing for double eyelid and eye repair procedures. They inform customers about all costs upfront, without any hidden fees. This allows customers to make their choice with peace of mind.

Why do We Say that I Contact Plastic Surgery has Excellent Meatball Eye Repair Techniques at an Affordable Price?

1. The price of meatball eye repair + primary incision repositioning surgery at I Contact Plastic Surgery is generally around $4,000 to $6,000. Compared to other local clinics in South Korea, the prices at I Contact Plastic Surgery are relatively affordable.

2. Dr. Lee Sik Hyun at I Contact Plastic Surgery performs double eyelid repair surgery under sleep anesthesia. The surgery can usually be completed within an hour, resulting in shorter exposure of the wound. This leads to faster post-operative recovery.

Dr. Lee Sik Hyun

3. I Contact Plastic Surgery's meatball eye repair addresses issues related to incorrectly layered internal tissues. By performing active fat grafting, they can easily remove the excessive meatball-like appearance, resulting in a more natural eye shape post-surgery.

After reading this article, do you have a better understanding of I Contact Plastic Surgery? So, all the beautiful ladies who want to get meatball eye repair, take action and visit the clinic soon!