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Review of View Plastic Surgery's Dr. Choi Chun-young's Results in Motiva Breast Augmentation

2023-11-28 13:43:49

Breast augmentation surgery is truly a blessing for women with small breasts, regardless of whether their size is innate or due to postpartum sagging. Thus, many beauty-conscious women opt for breast augmentation with implants to regain their confidence. In South Korea, a country renowned for plastic surgery, there are numerous options for breast implant materials, including MENTOR, Natrelle, ALLURA, and Motiva. This plethora of choices often leaves individuals unsure about which implant to choose. However, among these options, Motiva implants stand out as the top choice.

Motiva implants

Motiva implants come equipped with a chip recognition device that enables the confirmation of the implant's status and location, ensuring its safety. These implants have highly cohesive silicone gel molecules that do not migrate or diffuse, providing excellent elasticity and strong plasticity. 

The implants also feature a nanosurface layer, combining the advantages of a smooth and matte surface to effectively prevent allergic reactions to foreign substances. Postoperatively, the implants demonstrate exceptional compatibility with the body's tissues, quickly adapting to chest movements and preventing capsule contraction.

Unfortunately, there are not many clinics in South Korea that offer Motiva breast augmentation.

But View Plastic Surgery is one of the Clinics Officially Designated to Use Motiva Implants

View Plastic Surgery

View Plastic Surgery is a large-scale comprehensive plastic surgery hospital located in the Gangnam district of Seoul. Since its establishment in 2005, it has developed into a top-tier comprehensive plastic surgery institution in South Korea, thanks to its strong medical capabilities and a dedicated medical team. Dr. Choi Chun-young, the representative surgeon, has been working in the field of plastic surgery for 20 years, specializing in breast procedures and having performed over tens of thousands of surgeries. 

Dr. Choi Chun-young

Prior to surgery, a personalized breast enhancement plan is created for each patient. During the surgery, Dr. Choi employs the dual-plane technique using endoscopic guidance for precise dissection and deep implantation. With incisions as small as 2-3.5 cm, quick implantation is achieved, alleviating concerns about scarring.

Real-life Examples of View Plastic Surgery's Dr. Choi Chun-young's Motiva Breast Augmentation Results:

Real-life examples of View Plastic Surgery

Dr. Choi Chun-young's expertise combined with the advantages of Motiva implants results in postoperative breasts that look natural and realistic for patients seeking beauty enhancements.