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How is DA Plastic Surgery for Contouring? Check out the Examples

2023-11-21 08:50:29

Korean contouring procedures are quite advanced. Today, let's share with everyone how DA Plastic Surgery is for contouring. After a personal experience, it is confirmed that they truly do a great job. Take a look!

DA Plastic Surgery

How is DA Plastic Surgery for Contouring?

1. From the perspective of surgical capabilities:

When it comes to strong hospitals for contouring in Korea, DA Plastic Surgery cannot be overlooked. They have official qualifications for facial contouring and extensive clinical practice experience, making them a reputable hospital for contouring. 

How is DA Plastic Surgery for Contouring?

In terms of hardware capabilities, they have invested in various advanced plastic surgery equipment and instruments. As for software capabilities, the contouring surgeons they employ not only possess qualifications in facial bone surgery, but also have advanced techniques. With the combination of these factors, they ensure the quality of their contouring surgeries.

2. From the perspective of aesthetic concepts:

When performing facial contouring surgeries, DA Plastic Surgery has abandoned the traditional "one-size-fits-all" approach and incorporated natural and refined aesthetic concepts into their procedures. 

rom the perspective of aesthetic concepts

They pay great attention to detail and achieve a harmonious beauty that is not only smooth and natural in facial lines, but also showcases individual characteristics, making the surgical traces almost unnoticeable.

3. Comparatively low failure rate in contouring surgeries:

Facial contouring surgery is a high difficulty project, so there are not many plastic surgery hospitals on the market that can perform this type of procedure. DA Plastic Surgery is renowned for its quality and takes various factors into consideration for those pursuing beauty.

low failure rate in contouring surgeries

 Moreover, they have mastered advanced contouring bone reduction techniques, utilize modern medical data analysis, and tailor contouring surgery plans. With their highly skilled surgeons, they are able to significantly reduce the failure rate of contouring surgeries.

advanced contouring bone reduction techniques

Considering the above three points, we can conclude that DA Plastic Surgery is a good choice for contouring. Not only is their surgical capability strong and their aesthetic concepts exceptional, but they also effectively reduce the failure rate of contouring surgery. Therefore, you can confidently choose them for your contouring surgery.


Next, let's take a closer look at whether DA Plastic Surgery's contouring procedures are truly excellent through specific examples.

Does DA Plastic Surgery do a Good Job in Contouring?

In order to provide everyone with a real and intuitive answer to this question, I personally experienced it and now I will share with you the comparison images of the contouring surgery I had at DA Plastic Surgery.

[Surgical procedures: double eyelid, rhinoplasty, mandibular angle surgery, cheekbone surgery]

Pre-operative photo:

Pre-operative photo

Take a look at my appearance before the surgery. I had high cheekbones and a wide jaw, which were facial flaws that made me look both plain and masculine. It really bothered me. So, I specifically went to DA Plastic Surgery for contouring, eye, and nose surgeries. Now, let's see how big the change is.

Post-operative photo:

Post-operative photo

After the recovery period, I completely got rid of my plain appearance. High cheekbones and a wide jaw disappeared, and now I look refined and stylish. Not only is my appearance more beautiful, but my temperament has also changed. The facial contouring was done exceptionally well, with smooth and natural lines. Unless I mention it, no one can tell that I had plastic surgery.

So, based on my real-life experience and through the presentation of images, everyone can intuitively feel that DA Plastic Surgery does an outstanding job in contouring.