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Excellent Nasal Reconstruction Techniques by Imageup Plastic Surgery, Creating a Natural Nasal Profile

2023-11-20 09:20:45

Which hospital is the best for Korean failed rhinoplasty repair? The author had a satisfactory experience with Imageup Plastic Surgery's rhinoplasty repair technique, and they create a very natural nasal profile! Here, the author shares a few personal insights in hopes of providing some references.

Imageup Plastic Surgery

Personal Introduction:

Preoperative issues: Nasal contraction, deviated implant

Surgical plan: Implant removal + reconstruction + facial fat filling

Surgical time: Approximately 2 hours

Anesthesia method: Local anesthesia

Hospitalization: Not mandatory

Number of follow-up visits: 2-3 times

Swelling recovery: Stitches can be removed after 7 days, returning to normal life

Postoperative effects: The repaired nose looks very natural, with less rigid lines

Personal impressions: Korean nose jobs look so natural! They pay attention to details and create a more natural nasal profile. The author selected Imageup Plastic Surgery, which is quite famous for rhinoplasty repair in Korea and has a good reputation. This hospital belongs to the top two ranks of plastic surgery hospitals in Korea, making us non-locals feel more at ease.

Korean nose jobs

What about Imageup Plastic Surgery's Rhinoplasty Repair Technique? Here are a Few Reasons for Choosing Them:

1. They have a 3D CT and 3D facial scanning analyzer. 

While the doctor explains, you can also see the problems. This equipment can reposition facial proportions, angles, curves, etc., providing data analysis. It also simulates and predicts the postoperative appearance, giving you peace of mind.

2. Director Kim Sung-nam is well-known for rhinoplasty repair in Korea. 

Imageup Plastic Surgery's Director Kim Sung-nam is skilled in rhinoplasty repair and is considered a mentor in the field. Many famous clinics like ID Plastic Surgery and DA Plastic Surgery have been his students, and he has a good reputation for both name and skill. Director Kim Sung-nam graduated from Seoul National University and specialized in contouring and rhinoplasty repair, especially for nasal contraction repair. He not only replaces the implant but also reshapes the skin tension, skin adhesion, nasal tip, etc., wrapping them with an appropriate amount of fascia for a higher degree of naturalness and effectively reducing the chance of secondary nasal contraction. The author's repaired nasal tip is rounded and well-shaped, and the overall style of the nose augmentation is more natural, which is quite satisfactory.

Director Kim Sung-nam

3. The hospital has many successful cases and a good reputation for rhinoplasty repair.

 Imageup Plastic Surgery has numerous examples of successful rhinoplasty repair, including nasal contraction, rib bone nose, and comprehensive nasal repair. The customer reviews are also excellent, making it a popular choice for locals in Korea. On the ranking of Korean plastic surgery hospitals, Imageup Plastic Surgery ranks in the top three for rhinoplasty repair, indicating its strong technical capabilities. It is worth considering on the Meijia Beauty Network.

Imageup Plastic Surgery environment

The above is the author's personal experience with rhinoplasty repair at Imageup Plastic Surgery. Overall, Imageup Plastic Surgery has excellent rhinoplasty repair techniques, with various examples available for reference. Additionally, the hospital's reputation and fame in Korea are quite high, making it one of the best hospitals for failed rhinoplasty repair in Korea.