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Mine Plastic Surgery's Breast Augmentation Surgeon, Lee Seong-wook-Excellent in Implant Breast Augmentation/Breast Repair Technology

2023-11-17 14:13:44

For those who wish to undergo breast augmentation, it is highly recommended to go to South Korea, as there are many specialized plastic surgery hospitals. Mine Plastic Surgery, for example, is a hospital dedicated to breast augmentation and breast repair, with Dr. Lee Seong-wook serving as the renowned breast augmentation surgeon in South Korea. 

He is also known as one of the top ten breast augmentation surgeons in South Korea, particularly skilled in performing Motiva implant breast augmentation and breast repair techniques.

Let's introduce in detail the advantages of Mine Plastic Surgery's representative surgeon, Dr. Lee Seong-wook, in breast augmentation/breast repair!

Dr. Lee Seong-wook

The advantages of Dr. Lee Seong-wook from Mine Plastic Surgery in breast augmentation/breast repair are as follows:

1. Extensive experience in breast augmentation

Anyone familiar with South Korean plastic surgery guidebooks would have heard of Dr. Lee Seong-wook from Mine Plastic Surgery, who has over ten years of experience and practice in breast augmentation, earning him the reputation of "Breast Augmentation Pioneer."

2. Excellent breast augmentation techniques, including proprietary techniques

Dr. Lee Seong-wook has created the "Jelly Breast" using the Motiva implant and the minimally invasive Mine-Dr.Lee breast augmentation procedure. The surgery utilizes the Drypocket endoscope technique, greatly reducing bleeding and nerve tissue trauma. This technique is applicable to both breast augmentation and breast repair, especially beneficial for first-time breast augmentation patients, as it eliminates the need for blood bags and ensures a natural feel of the implants post-surgery.

breast augmentation

3. Use of branded breast implants resulting in excellent post-surgery feel

Dr. Lee Seong-wook is a renowned South Korean surgeon specializing in Motiva implant breast augmentation. The implants have a bouncy feel, and Mine Plastic Surgery provides a wide range of implant sizes. Whether for primary breast augmentation or breast repair, Dr. Lee considers patient requirements and anatomy during pre-operative consultations. 

During surgery, he combines the unique features of Motiva implants to create soft and full natural-looking breast shapes. Even patients with poor breast conditions can achieve a natural breast appearance.

Motiva implants

4. Quick recovery without the need for hospitalization

Due to Dr. Lee Seong-wook's preference for minimally invasive breast augmentation techniques, such as the Mine-Dr.Lee technique, the procedure has limited nerve damage, leading to a rapid recovery that doesn't require hospitalization. Patients can be discharged on the day of surgery, making it particularly suitable for individuals with limited time who desire quick breast augmentation.

Let's Take a Look at the Before and After Photos of Director Lee Sung Yoo from Mine Plastic Surgery 

before and after photos

How about it, looks great, doesn't it? The patient had almost flat chest before the procedure and chose to have a 320cc magical drop implant breast augmentation performed by Director Lee Sung Yoo, using the inframammary fold incision technique. After the surgery, the breast shape is natural and full. According to the patient's feedback, the breasts now feel very soft and bouncy, sometimes forgetting that they had undergone surgery. Director Lee Sung Yoo's breast augmentation technique is really good, and the patient is extremely satisfied!

In conclusion, Dr. Lee Seong-wook from Mine Plastic Surgery is famous for breast augmentation, and their technical advantages have been thoroughly explained in the above article. 

Therefore, choosing Dr. Lee Seong-wook for breast augmentation in South Korea or breast repair is a reliable and worthy choice. If you are interested in knowing the cost of Motiva implant breast augmentation by Dr. Lee Seong-wook at Mine Plastic Surgery in South Korea, please feel free to contact us anytime!