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Semi Plastic Surgery is a Recommended Hospital for Male Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea

2023-11-16 15:25:24

If you're wondering how Semi Plastic Surgery performs in this area, the answer is quite good. There are records and result images available to understand the quality of their male double eyelid surgeries.

Semi Plastic Surgery

Let's Take a Look at One of the Records for a Male Double Eyelid Surgery Performed by Semi Plastic Surgery. 

The patient had slightly droopy eyelids and one eye appeared larger than the other, a condition commonly known as uneven eyes. The patient was 22 years old and underwent the surgery at 10:00 am. The surgical plan included incisional double eyelid surgery, removal of excess skin and fat, upper eyelid muscle lifting, and inner eye corner opening. After the surgery, the patient experienced moderate swelling, but was able to open and close their eyes. It took around twenty days for the desired appearance to fully manifest. Overall, the results were considered satisfactory.

Let's Take a Look at Some Before and After Images of Male Double Eyelid Surgeries Performed by Semi Plastic Surgery. 

One customer mentioned that their eyes appeared more lively and masculine after the surgery, which they were quite satisfied with. 

male double eyelid surgeries

Another customer, who previously had monolids and exposed pupils, was surprised by the natural and authentic results achieved by Semi Plastic Surgery.

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If you're wondering about the recovery time for male double eyelid surgery at Semi Plastic Surgery, it typically takes around one month for the initial recovery. The specific recovery time may vary from person to person, but meticulous post-operative care can speed up the process. Complete recovery usually takes three to six months.

Semi Plastic Surgery Specializes in Eye-related Procedures and Repairs, Earning a Good Reputation in the Field. 

Their expertise extends to common procedures such as double eyelid surgery, scar revision, upper eyelid muscle correction, and correction of droopy eyelids. When it comes to male double eyelid surgery, they consider factors such as the distance between the brows and eyes, as well as the final appearance.

Semi Plastic Surgery's male double eyelid surgery has an advantage of making the eyes appear larger and more vibrant, while still maintaining a natural and masculine appearance.

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 This appeals to their male customers, who prefer a more defined look compared to the softer and more delicate eyes desired by female customers.