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Top Five Date Spots in Seoul

2023-09-23 10:50:29

Top Five Date Spots in Seoul

Street musicians descend from the upper levels of the city to serenade the night...

By Ryan Walters for My Guide Seoul

Seoul is a city of lovers. Venture into any bustling, public area and you will surely encounter couples on romantic rendezvous, unmistakable in their presence.

In Korea, couples often don "couple outfits," ranging from matching t-shirts to full ensembles with perfectly coordinated shoelaces. Regardless of one's personal preference, Seoul offers everything one desires for an idyllic date, including picturesque parks, intimate bars, and breathtaking cityscape views from mountain peaks.

Herein lie five recommendations for Seoul's most enchanting date spots...

N Seoul Tower

We would be remiss not to mention N Seoul Tower when discussing a perfect date in Seoul. Perched atop Mt. Namsan, N Seoul Tower is an iconic landmark that provides an unparalleled view of the Seoul skyline, making it an essential experience, particularly at night.

To reach the summit of the mountain, one must embark on a cable car journey that costs a mere 9,000 won per person. The cable car ride, an adventure in itself, rewards passengers with increasingly shrinking vistas of the city. Upon arriving at the mountaintop, visitors must obtain a ticket and patiently await their turn for the elevator, which transports them to the tower's pinnacle. From this vantage point, Seoul's most renowned sites—Myeongdong, City Hall, 63 Building, and Gangnam—come into view, encapsulating the majesty of the Han River.

The circular room atop the tower offers a complete 360-degree panorama. For those in need of sustenance, two restaurants await at the top: Hancook (Korean) and N.GRILL (French).

If a leisurely stroll is your cup of tea, Myeongdong is within a reasonable walking distance from the mountain's base. The journey takes a mere 15 minutes and rewards visitors with an abundance of restaurants and shops, guaranteeing a memorable night out.

Tips for an extraordinary date: Immortalize your love by attaching a love padlock to the fence surrounding N Seoul Tower. Thousands of padlocks, each bearing the names of adoring couples, adorn the chainlink fence. Bring your own lock, engrave your names upon it, and secure it to the fence, forever sealing your bond.

To reach N Seoul Tower, a taxi offers the most convenient option. Alternatively, Shuttle Buses—available at various locations—provide transportation. Shuttle Bus #3 departs from Seoul Station every 20 minutes. Another choice is to embark on a scenic walk from Myeongdong Station, exiting at #3 and following the right side of the Pacific Hotel as you traverse uphill.

Telephone: +82-2-3455-9277
Address: 105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu
Hours of Operation: 10am - 11pm

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N Seoul Tower Should you aspire to impress, take your date to a garden that surpasses all others—an oasis atop a skyscraper nestled in the heart of Seoul. Positioned on the eighth floor of the Daehan Cinema in Chungmuro, Sky Garden stands as an unparalleled rose garden. The garden, well-tended and petite, showcases an array of roses and various blooms, each labeled with delicate name plates. Adjacent to the garden lies a small patio adorned with tables and chairs, while a cozy café beckons visitors from the opposite end. Exploring the entire garden requires little time, yet whether witnessed during daylight or beneath a starlit sky, this divine setting exudes beauty and intimacy. The captivating flowers harmonize with the silhouette of Mt. Namsan looming in the background, N Seoul Tower ablaze with lights so near that the cable cars ferrying visitors to its summit become visible. Visiting Sky Garden is an incomparable experience—one that cannot be overlooked when planning your next romantic outing. Tips for an extraordinary date: Attend a movie screening at Daehan Cinema and conclude your evening with a surprise excursion to the garden. To access this hidden paradise, board the elevator. Since you will need to ride the elevator to reach your theater, upon finishing the film, instead of descending to B1, press 8 to arrive directly at the garden. The garden awaits just outside the elevator doors. To reach Daehan Cinema and Sky Garden, alight at Chungmuro Station on Line 3, then take exit #2. The cinema and the garden's elevator can be found on your right, as you step inside. Entrance to the garden is free, making it one of the many delightful activities Seoul offers sans charge. Garden Hours of Operation: 9am - 8:30pm Image courtesy of Seoulistic.com Sky Garden The splendor of Samcheongdong as a date destination cannot be overstated. This district seems custom-made for couples, boasting a profusion of cafes, coffee shops, wine bars, delectable restaurants, and art galleries. Samcheongdong may very well be among the most idyllic sites for a date in Seoul. Situated adjacent to Gyeongbokgung Palace, Samcheongdong exudes an air of sophistication and artistic charm. Its tree-lined thoroughfares are adorned with an abundance of dining establishments, ranging from traditional Korean fare to fine modern cuisine, and even Western favorites, particularly Italian. A wrong choice is nearly impossible. In between these culinary havens lie delightful art galleries, perfect for a brief respite while seeking a place to dine or enjoy a refreshing beverage. Nestled alongside are quaint independent coffee shops that beckon passersby. With numerous exceptional options available, it is difficult to single out a single establishment, yet we at My Guide Seoul hold a special fondness for 5 Cijung Cafe, located at the beginning of Samcheongdong's main street, renowned for serving the most delectable homemade scones in all of Seoul! Tips for an extraordinary date: Allow yourself to get lost. Although a well-planned date is often cherished, embrace spontaneity by exploring the winding side streets of Samcheongdong. The main street of Samcheongdong hosts a cornucopia of marvelous dining and drinking establishments, yet for the finest experience, venture into the alley on the right-hand side at the street's genesis, and embark on an adventure! Within these hidden byways, limitless possibilities await. Many buildings showcase traditional Korean architecture, augmenting the allure of the evening. Simply sauntering and relishing the nocturnal scenery constitutes an ideal date, enhanced by the street performers who grace the night. Samcheongdong's bounty of choices positions it atop the list of must-visit destinations for your next romantic endeavor. To reach Samcheongdong, board bus #11 from Seoul Station. The bus will transport you past Gyeongbokgung Palace, continuing along its right side. After a few minutes, the bus will ascend a hill, and you should alight at its base. Samcheong-dong One of the gems of living in Seoul is the profusion of riverside parks along the Han River. Indeed, the city abounds with parks bordering the expansive river, stretching across its entire length. Most renowned among these is Yeouido Hangang Park. Here, one can stroll in the sunlight, with the lush green park hugging the river on the left and a vibrant urban vista on the right. Kite-flying, cycling, and leisurely picnics are a common sight as visitors bask in the tranquility of the park, ensuring its status as a haven for Seoul's couples. Should the weather prove favorable, an entire afternoon can be spent here. Conveniently located nearby are convenience stores and coffee shops, offering delectable snacks, delectable chicken, and refreshing beverages. Unless an evening chill besets, there is simply no need to leave. Although Yeouido remains the city's most frequented park, there is ample space for all. Livemusic performances and special events, such as the annual cherry blossom festival in spring, further augment the allure of Yeouido Hangang Park. Tips for an extraordinary date: Rent bicycles! Just beyond Yeouido Hangang Park lies Yeouido Park, an urban oasis featuring basketball courts and a serene, tree-covered nature walk. At an extremely affordable rate, bicycles of all kinds—tandem ones included—can be rented by the hour. Embark on a delightful journey along Hangang Park's bike paths that span the entire length of the river. To reach Yeouido Hangang Park, take line 5 (purple) and alight at Yeouinaru Station. Exit from either #2 or #3. Hangang Park Yeouido Cheonggyecheon, an artificial stream nestled beneath the city streets, commences its journey at Seoul City Hall. Do not be deterred by its man-made origins, for it seamlessly melds nature and urbanity, synthesizing the two into an unexpectedly intimate setting. Countless couples can be spotted hand in hand, strolling along the stream, an emblem of serene togetherness. Within ten minutes of entering from City Hall, Cheonggyecheon transitions, shrouded in canopies of trees and verdant foliage. As one proceeds along the stream, the cityscape surrenders to the gentle murmurs of flowing water. Despite the street hovering overhead, the stream remains seemingly ensconced in serene isolation, shielded from the clamor of the city. Unbelievable, yet undeniable! Despite its location amidst towering skyscrapers in downtown Seoul, Cheonggyecheon exudes an aura of an idyllic waterway, inviting couples to embark on peaceful sojourns. While Cheonggyecheon's allure transcends temporal parameters, an evening venture promises an extraordinary experience. As dusk descends, street musicians descend from the upper levels of the city to serenade the night with their guitars and mellifluous voices. The stream gently illuminates, enhancing the nocturnal ambiance. Numerous secluded spots along the stream invite quiet reflection. Once ready to embark on the next leg of your evening, various staircases offer access points to exit the stream. Emerging at ground level, one finds oneself in the heart of Jongno's vibrant nightlife district, replete with bars, restaurants, and the countless wonders for which Seoul is renowned. Tips for an extraordinary date: Make a wish! At the entrance near City Hall, a luminous pond awaits, beckoning visitors to toss a coin and make a fervent wish. Should you find yourself devoid of spare change, fret not, for a change machine has been thoughtfully installed to convert bills into coins. And if you harbor a genuine desire for your wish to materialize, be sure to step upon the stones nestled within the stream, enabling a finer throw! Cheonggyecheon can be accessed from various points due to its substantial length, yet we recommend beginning your journey at City Hall. As you emerge from exit #4, proceed straight ahead for approximately five minutes, and Cheonggyecheon will reveal itself upon your right-hand side. Cheonggyecheon Stream