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The best massage and spas in Seoul

2023-09-18 14:08:55

The best massage and spas in Seoul

Below are our selections of the finest massage, spa, and wellness centers in the city:

SPA 1899

The origins of Spa 1899 are unlike any other spa treatments found here in Seoul. Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) began its red ginseng business in 1899 within the royal palace of the Korean Empire. Now known as Cheong-kwan-Jang, the company has maintained its prestigious position in the ginseng health supplement industry due to its meticulous attention to quality. The company takes great pride in their products, and this trust and sincerity are infused into their treatments and care at Spa G, ensuring an experience unlike any other. One such treatment is the signature Spa G treatment, which remains a mystery, but it is a 300-minute ordeal where the entire body is enveloped in a special Ginseng concentrate through their Full Body Package Program, providing pure relaxation. They also offer simpler treatments, such as the red ginseng hydro spa package, for example.

B2, KT&G Tower. 1002 Daechi-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul. +82-02-557-8030

Create wellness center

Create Wellness is one of the most experienced wellness centers in Korea. It is a highly professional all-inclusive health center that offers chiropractic, sports massage, yoga, Pilates, and holistic care services. Create Wellness specifically caters to the English-speaking community in Seoul, whether they are expats or tourists passing through. Create Wellness has been operating since the early 2000s, beginning with their first branch in Itaewon and later opening another branch in Pyeongtaek Seoul.

Create Wellness specializes in treating athletic injuries, back and neck problems, as well as scoliosis. For individuals seeking a relaxing massage, Create Wellness offers competitive prices, and their extremely helpful and friendly staff is an added benefit.

1002 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 02-557-8030

Marzia Healing Spa

Marzia Healing Spa has received excellent ratings from numerous travelers on Tripadvisor. What sets Marzia Spa apart from other spas in Seoul is the exceptional personal care and satisfaction provided by the owner, Yoon. With experience working in some of the best spas in the UK, Yoon has taken care of countless celebrities during their stays in London. Her expertise and customer care make Marzia Spa a preferred choice for families, mothers, business professionals, CEOs, and other high-profile individuals in Seoul. Marzia Healing Spa offers affordable therapies compared to hotel spas, and the combination of privacy, Yoon's expertise, and a personal touch entice people to return again and again.

2FL. 40-1 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. +82-2-3443-2525

Marzia Healing Spa Products

Hill Spa

Situated in Gangnam's trendy Sinsa-dong area and located within the brand new Dormy Inn Hotel, Hill Spa is an oasis separate from Gangnam's bustling concrete jungle, offering seclusion and tranquility in its serene environment. We appreciate the interior design and friendly service provided at Hill Spa, and its central location makes it an ideal choice for those in Gangnam.

Welcomed by English-speaking staff with warm smiles, you will be presented with a list of various treatments available at Hill Spa. They combine the best of Oriental and Western philosophies and sciences to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Conveniently located near trendy Garosugil Street, Hill Spa allows you to unwind before exploring the nearby interesting streets and enjoying some of the best shopping Seoul has to offer! Are you a businessman who needs to look his best? We recommend the "cool guy" package, an 80-minute treatment for your face. Your massage therapist will remove dead skin cells and blackheads, significantly improving your complexion for that important meeting!

Dormy Inn Hotel B1, 514-22 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul. +82-2-548-9545

Hill Spa

Dragon Hill Spa

Dragon Hill Spa is undoubtedly the most easily accessible Korean-style massage and spa in Seoul. It is conveniently located right next to Yongsan Station, one of the city's major transportation hubs. In Korean, these types of spas are called Jjimjilbang, and there are hundreds scattered throughout Seoul. However, most of them offer only the bare essentials. Dragon Hill Spa stands out as a six-floor multi-spa complex. It features various saunas, massage options, an outdoor swimming pool, a spacious arcade for kids, a restaurant, and a large common area where people can watch TV, play games, and socialize. Visiting a Jjimjilbang is a unique experience that everyone should try at least once in their life, and Dragon Hill Spa comes highly recommended. We personally visit Dragon Hill Spa when we have friends visiting Seoul.

40-713 Hangangno 3(sam)-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Right next to Yongsan Station. +82 2-792-0001