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The Best Unlimited Drinking in Seoul

2023-09-15 11:17:40

We are well aware that the Koreans have an affinity for alcohol and indulging in drinking is a prominent cultural pastime in this nation.

Authored by Paige Stewart from My Guide Seoul.

It is a common sight in Seoul to witness Koreans partaking in drinking activities, no matter the time or place. Whether it be quaint soju tents, upscale restaurants, Korean-style pubs, or even public parks like the Hongdae playground, you will find Koreans enjoying a drink.

Let's get straight to the heart of the matter. Sometimes, one desires a glamorous evening on the town, adorned in elegant attire, with sophisticated cocktails and a lively DJ. Other times, one simply wishes to share a few pints with friends and engage in pleasant conversation.

Seoul caters to all occasions, boasting an array of bars, with the added bonus of a handful of exceptional establishments offering unlimited alcohol. Cheers to that!

401 Lounge, nestled in the vibrant district of Itaewon, recently opened its doors. Situated on the same street as The Wolfhound, this establishment boasts a refined yet splendid interior. It hosts a variety of alcohol options, including beer, red and white wine, vodka, and a selection of juices. Notably, on Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm, they hold an open event where locals and Koreans alike can revel in the night, forging connections over drinks. Embark on an unforgettable experience by visiting this lively venue.

Price: W20,000 for Unlimited Alcohol

Operating Hours: Weekdays - 12 midnight / Weekends - 2am

Address: Itaewon-dong 66-2

The Best Unlimited Drinking in Seoul

Pandora, located in Gangnam, exudes an atmosphere of darkness, creating a relaxed ambiance in its basement lounge. This Korean-style bar encourages patrons to maintain their own space, with limited mingling. Occasionally, bright club lights and lasers dazzle, adding bursts of intrigue.

At Pandora, quality is directly correlated with one's expenditure. The bar offers affordable drinks, crafted from budget-friendly spirits stored in bulk plastic bottles. While food options are not available, patrons are welcome to bring their own. Upon stepping inside, one may sense something amiss, and soon realize that there is not a single man in sight. A staggering 99% of Pandora's guests are women, a peculiar revelation indeed. Additionally, a similar establishment by the name of Pandora Noble can be found nearby. Here, a more energetic atmosphere pervades, with louder music and a larger standing area, all while offering the same enticing drink deals.


15,000 won for unlimited drinks (ladies)

25,000 won for unlimited drinks (gentlemen)

Operating Hours:

Open every night until 3am


649 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Korea 135-080

Phone: +82-10-8965-8304.


Pandora Cocktail Lounge - Gangnam

The Makgeolli Salon prides itself on its vast array of makgeolli selections from all corners of Korea. The establishment offers samples for patrons to assist in making an informed decision. Moreover, the owner possesses remarkable knowledge and passion for Makgeolli, readily sharing details regarding their origins, ingredients, and even famous Koreans who partake in specific varieties. Savoring the president's preferred Makgeolli adds an extra layer of enjoyment.

This cozy spot constantly attracts university students, resulting in a bustling environment. The bar also serves regional dishes that perfectly complement the Makgeolli's heritage, making the experience even more pleasurable.

Operating Hours:

5pm - 3am (Closed on National Holidays)


All you can drink Makgeolli: 5,600 won

Brand Makgeolli: 5,000 - 7,000 won

Fresh fruit Makgeolli: 12,000 won


12-6 Wausan-ro 21-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Makgeolli Salon

The interior of Hanguk Galbi resembles that of a traditional Korean BBQ restaurant, yet it hides many surprises. For a mere 29,000 won per person, guests can indulge in a variety of dishes, including japche, egg soup, "dok" galbi, galbi-sal, samgyup-sal, seasoned galbi, and pork intestines, all accompanied by an endless supply of booze. The sequencing of these delectable dishes is thoughtfully arranged, and their generous portions ensure that the next serving arrives just as the previous one is relished. The alcohol selection mainly comprises traditional BBQ beverages such as soju, among others.


All you can eat and drink: 29,000 won


93-2 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone: +82-2-778-4143.

Hanguk Galbi

Cactus, a dimly lit and spacious basement restaurant, emanates an intimate, relaxed ambiance. Here, one frequently encounters businesspeople unwinding after a demanding day's work. During the daytime, Cactus offers a bountiful buffet, providing an extensive assortment of both Korean and Western cuisine. As night falls, the establishment transforms into an ideal location to kick-start an eventful evening.

Delicious snacks, abundant in variety, serve as the perfect foundation for an evening of revelry. The unlimited wine and draft, paired with a courteous and accommodating staff, elevate the overall experience at Cactus.


All you can drink draft (6.30pm - 9pm), including a snack buffet: 18,000 won

All you can drink wine (6.30pm - 9pm), including a snack buffet: 21,000 won

*Snack buffet closes at 8:30pm

Lunch buffet: 18,000 won


Basement floor of Samsung Life Insurance Building, Taepyeongno2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-716, Korea

Phone: +82-2-319 4466.


Last but certainly not least, the A Lounge, situated in Ilsan just north of Seoul, stands modestly amidst a street filled with other bars, charmingly named 'meat street'.

Without much fanfare, save for a small banner sign reading 'A-Lounge, all you can drink,' this venue comprises various elements: balcony seating, indoor tables, a dance floor adorned with a mirrored wall, club-style lighting, and even a smoke machine. The bar staff, amiable and approachable, happily accommodate music requests.

The true highlight of this bar lies in the bartenders' impressive cocktail-making prowess. Regardless of the drink requested, they effortlessly weave a masterpiece while being open to preparing stronger concoctions at the customer's behest.

Although food is not served at this establishment, 'meat street' lives up to its name, offering an array of tantalizing options to satisfy one's cravings while under the influence.


All you can drink cocktails: 15,000 won

All you can drink beer (including imports): 20,000 won

All you can drink beer and cocktails: 25,000 won


Ilsandong-gu 741, 2nd floor, Goyang City

Phone: +82-3-1914-0775

A Lounge (THE A)