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How to pay for your Seoul Cosmetic Surgery

2023-09-13 18:52:51

How to pay for your Seoul  Cosmetic Surgery

Money matters to consider when planning your plastic surgery

Have you been contemplating undergoing cosmetic surgery to enhance your inner well-being or even your health? If so, you are likely interested in the costs. Cosmetic procedures can accumulate quickly and become expensive. However, most people are willing to pay the price. So where should you begin? Can you afford or finance your procedures?

Getting Started

A convenient starting point is conducting a simple internet search. Your search results will be tailored to your region through your chosen search engine, but you can adjust the region and country settings if you wish to explore costs elsewhere around the world. I highly recommend doing so! Prices for different procedures in reputable countries with exceptional surgeons can vary significantly! Countries like Turkey, South Korea, and the USA offer competitive prices in various categories and are all top contenders for cosmetic surgeries. South Korea boasts the highest number of cosmetic surgeries performed per capita in the world. Traveling to these countries could potentially save you money and also provide a discreet environment if you prefer to keep your procedure private.

Location Matters

A standard internet search will provide you with baseline or average costs. Once you have an idea of the costs per region/country, I suggest personally contacting a few clinics to inquire about their individual rates. For foreign countries, it is helpful to enlist the assistance of concierge services (such as Shin Medical). The best part is, consultations are usually FREE! This will give you an even better understanding of the prices offered by clinics you would consider for your procedure.

Health Insurance?

Now that you have an idea of prices in your desired locations, it is time to examine your health insurance coverage. Generally speaking, cosmetic surgeries are not covered. However, there are some instances in which you may be able to classify the procedure as a health-related one, such as reconstructive surgery or breast reduction, which may make it eligible for coverage. Therefore, it is worth checking with your insurance provider.  

Support and Advice Communities

Once you have an estimate of how much you will need to pay out of pocket, delve into online support communities on social media. There are numerous Facebook groups dedicated to this topic. You can share information about your preferred doctors, costs, etc., and people are more than willing to share their firsthand experiences regarding prices, doctor's demeanor, and advice on how they financed their procedures. These communities are also excellent resources for viewing before-and-after photos and receiving guidance during the post-operation period, including managing pain and developing trust in the process!

Begin Saving Early

Many individuals will advise you (and I concur) that the best way to fund a surgery is to start saving early and pay the full cost upfront with a check or card. If you do not have the entire amount upfront, you can inquire about payment plans offered by your chosen clinic. Many clinics provide such plans, where you make payments leading up to your procedure date, with the last payment made before the day of the surgery. 

Credit Card?

Of course, you can also opt to pay with a credit card or take out a loan. However, these are the riskier options, and caution should be exercised. CareCredit is a popular choice for many who pursue this route. It is crucial to carefully review all the fine print and be realistic with yourself, as interest rates and late fees may apply.

So, remember to commence your research early and explore all possibilities! Once you have identified some options, investigate their payment options and select the one that suits you best. Invest in yourself; you deserve it!