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Best Liposuction Clinics in Seoul

2023-09-12 19:01:19

Explore a selection of the finest liposuction clinics in Seoul, renowned for their safe, personalized, and advanced care.


  • What Is Liposuction in Korea?

  • How Is Liposuction in Korea Performed?

  • How Many People Get Liposuction in Korea?

  • Finest Liposuction Clinics in Seoul

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What Is Liposuction In Korea?

Liposuction is a sought-after cosmetic procedure in South Korea, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and skilled medical professionals. The procedure is primarily performed to eliminate excess fat from the body, helping individuals achieve a sleeker and more sculpted appearance. It involves a minimally invasive technique that employs suction to remove fat cells from targeted areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, and neck.

Liposuction in Korea boasts several advantages over the procedure performed in other countries. 

  • South Korea is internationally recognized for its advanced medical technology and expertise, ensuring that patients receive the utmost care during the procedure. Consequently, the procedure is generally safer with reduced complications.

  • Liposuction in Korea employs a minimally invasive suction technique, resulting in minimal scarring and a quicker recovery period compared to traditional methods.

  • The cost of liposuction in Korea is usually more affordable than in many other countries, making it a viable choice for individuals seeking to enhance their appearance.


How Is Liposuction in Korea Performed?

While the basic technique of liposuction remains similar across countries, there are variations in the specific procedures used in liposuction in Korea compared to other nations. For instance, Korean liposuction techniques often involve the use of smaller cannulas (tubes used to remove fat) and gentler suction methods to minimize damage to surrounding tissues and promote faster healing. Additionally, Korean surgeons may opt for local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia, further reducing associated risks with the procedure.

Another renowned technique utilized in Korea is known as "Vaser liposuction," utilizing ultrasonic waves to break down fat cells before suction. This method is particularly effective for eliminating fat from areas with dense fibrous tissue, such as the back or upper arms.


How Many People Get Liposuction in Korea?

According to statista, a staggering 1.7 million individuals underwent liposuction surgery in 2019, reflecting the significant demand for this cosmetic procedure. It is no surprise that liposuction ranks among the fastest growing trends in cosmetic surgery in Korea. 

Data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) reveals that in 2019, Korea stood as the third most popular country worldwide for liposuction, following the United States and Brazil, with over 56,000 procedures performed. This indicates a notable increase compared to previous years, with liposuction procedures in Korea almost doubling since 2014.

Additionally, a survey conducted by the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons discovered that liposuction is particularly popular among women in their 20s and 30s in South Korea, with the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks being the most commonly treated areas.

This trend is not new, as Korea has long been at the forefront of cosmetic surgery. According to the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons, approximately 1.4 million cosmetic surgery procedures were carried out in Korea in 2018, with liposuction ranking as the second most popular procedure after double eyelid surgery.


Finest Liposuction Clinics In Seoul

Selecting a liposuction clinic in Seoul can prove to be a formidable task, as not all clinics are alike. Some maintain high-end standards with specialist doctors, while others operate as large hospitals accommodating numerous patients each day. It is crucial to establish your expectations and allow them to guide your decision. To assist you in making an informed choice, we have curated a list of the most exceptional liposuction clinics in Seoul, classified as Premium, Standard, and Affordable options.



Lydian 5D liposculpture

If you desire a premium liposuction experience in Korea, Lydian Liposuction Clinic stands out as the ultimate choice. Dr. An, the singular doctor at the clinic, is globally recognized for his expertise in liposuction surgery, having successfully performed procedures on individuals ranging from businessmen to models worldwide, spanning from Canada to Dubai, China to the USA. In addition to his surgical skills, Dr. An is highly regarded for his innovative techniques that minimize scarring, having delivered seminars on these pioneering methods around the globe.

Lydian Liposuction Clinic offers a range of premium surgical options, including 5D liposculpture that sculpts abdominal muscles, scarless premium liposuction, and general liposuction. Due to the high demand for Dr. An's expertise and the clinic's exceptional reputation, prices are higher compared to other clinics, and appointment scheduling may require several weeks' notice. 

premium liposuction clinic in Seoul


Following the premium option, we present two mid-range clinics that offer both plastic surgery and liposuction services. These clinics cater to patients seeking bundled pricing and value deals. General plastic surgery clinics typically perform a significant number of liposuction procedures, ensuring satisfactory outcomes.

View PS

View Plastic Surgery has established a longstanding reputation over 17 years without any medical incidents, providing patients with peace of mind knowing they are under the care of experienced professionals. The liposuction doctors at View Plastic Surgery employ high-frequency lasers to separate fat from tissue before removal through suction. This method significantly reduces swelling, bleeding, and discomfort during the procedure. Furthermore, View Plastic Surgery employs high-frequency machines for post-recovery treatments, ensuring a smoother and more expedited recovery process for patients.

Banobagi PS

With almost two decades of experience in the Korean plastic surgery industry, Banobagi has garnered a reputable name in the field. The clinic offers reliable liposuction procedures and boasts in-house anesthesiologists, ensuring patients receive expert care throughout the entire process. As a well-respected clinic, Banobagi is an ideal choice for those seeking secure and trustworthy liposuction procedures in Korea.


For patients seeking an affordable option with satisfactory results, the final clinic on our list may be the perfect choice.<br