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After Searching for the Best Facelift Hospitals in Korea, We Have Compiled a List of Renowned Choices

2024-01-24 14:44:37

During our search for facelift hospitals in Korea, we discovered several highly acclaimed and respected facilities. 

These hospitals possess unique techniques and extensive experience in facelift surgeries, catering to patients' desires for beauty and anti-aging treatments. 

In this article, we will introduce the characteristics and advantages of these hospitals, aiding you in making a wise choice.

the Best Facelift Hospitals in Korea

Yonsei Dain Plastic Surgery:

Yonsei Dain Plastic Surgery is a renowned medical beauty hospital specializing in anti-aging treatments. The hospital excels in the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) subcutaneous layer facelift technique, which differs from traditional facelift surgeries that only target the superficial skin layer. This technique reaches deeper layers, resulting in a more natural and contoured facelift.

The incisions are typically made near the anterior hairline and behind the ear. By lifting and fixing the deep SMAS fascial layer beneath the skin in an upward direction, the procedure avoids secondary sagging after surgery and reduces the risk of bleeding and post-operative bruising or swelling.

Additionally, Yonsei Dain Plastic Surgery offers diverse wrinkle treatments and has ample experience in neck wrinkle procedures. The surgery for neck wrinkles goes beyond mere facelift techniques and also incorporates comprehensive techniques such as filling and liposuction to achieve a smooth and natural neck appearance.

Aside from facelift techniques, Yonsei Dain Plastic Surgery provides various anti-aging solutions, including elastic laser facelift and elastic thread facelift, which can be combined with liposuction, fat filling, and thread lifting surgeries to address facial aging based on individual conditions.

Yonsei Dain Plastic Surgery

VG Plastic Surgery:

VG Plastic Surgery is a comprehensive clinic renowned for its strong expertise in plastic surgery, particularly facelift procedures. Their doctors possess extensive research and precise control over incisions, facelift layers, and post-operative expressions.

The incision for facelift surgery is made near the sideburn area. Utilizing small incision techniques, the scar becomes almost invisible once the sideburn hair naturally grows back. With an advantage in the range of tissue dissection during facelift surgeries, VG Plastic Surgery minimizes the trauma, ensuring a faster recovery and maintaining natural facial expressions without stiffness.

VG Plastic Surgery

DM Plastic Surgery:

DM Plastic Surgery is also well-known for its facelift surgeries and provides numerous real-life cases for reference. DM Plastic Surgery offers various surgical methods, including semi-facelift surgery targeting sagging cheeks, laugh lines, mid-face sagging, and irregularities caused by mandible angle reduction surgery. This procedure involves smaller incisions and lighter trauma.

Full facelift procedures can address sagging in areas such as nasolabial folds, temples, cheeks, jawlines, double chins, mouth corners, and sagging apple cheeks. The director of DM Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ryu, has more than 30 years of clinical experience in facelift surgeries, ensuring quick and effective operations with minimal bleeding and post-operative swelling.

Whether it is semi-facelift or full facelift surgery, Dr. Ryu meticulously handles wound management, resulting in nearly invisible scars through aesthetic suturing techniques, pharmaceuticals, and instrument care after surgery.

DM Plastic Surgery

Bio Plastic Surgery:

Bio Plastic Surgery is a well-known plastic surgery hospital both domestically and internationally, acclaimed for its excellent facelift procedures. Dr. Park Dong-man, the director, is highly respected for his expertise in facelift techniques. Starting incisions from the center of the side head hair, the incision extends along the ear and the junction line with the face, then extends internally into the scalp.

The surgery involves deep separation of the fascia layers, uniformly lifting the facial and neck skin upwards. After the excess skin is removed and stitched, the procedure achieves a naturally contoured outcome. As there is no forced lifting involved, proper post-operative care ensures that scars are nearly invisible. The fascial fixation principle of these incision facelifts enables repositioning of sagging tissues, resulting in longer-lasting results and delaying the aging process.

Bio Plastic Surgery

Faceplus Plastic Surgery:

Faceplus Plastic Surgery is a highly popular anti-aging hospital providing services such as thread lifting, minimally invasive facelifts, and traditional facelift surgeries. The director of the hospital possesses over 30 years of clinical experience in facelift surgeries, demonstrating immense understanding of anatomical structures and surgical techniques.

Their exceptional skills in lifting sagging skin layers allow for significant improvements, and the results last longer. Moreover, their meticulous control of bleeding points during surgery minimizes post-operative swelling. The aesthetic suturing techniques, pharmaceuticals, and instrument care after surgery ensure scars become virtually invisible to the naked eye in approximately three months.

Faceplus Plastic Surgery

The aforementioned hospitals in Korea have achieved exceptional facelift surgery results and are highly trusted in their techniques. If you are searching for top-notch facelift hospitals in Korea, consider these establishments. We hope this information provides you with helpful guidance and assistance.