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VG Plastic Surgery: Achieving Natural Contouring Results with Renming Qin's Techniques - Real Life Comparison Photos Included

2023-12-28 11:15:36

There are numerous hospitals in Korea that excel at facial contouring procedures, apart from well-known ones like Wonjin, ID, Faceline, and Dream. Today, we would like to introduce VG Plastic Surgery, a hospital specializing in achieving super natural contouring results.

VG Plastic Surgery is known for achieving natural contouring results, specifically with Renming Qin's excellent technique. We will provide real life comparison photos of contouring procedures at the end for reference.

VG Plastic Surgery

Let's Take a Look at an Overview of the Impressive Capabilities of VG Plastic Surgery:

1. VG Plastic Surgery is certified by the Korean Ministry of Health as an overseas patient management medical institution.

2. The hospital has a highly experienced medical team led by Director Renming Qin, who possess a solid theoretical foundation and extensive clinical experience.

3. The hospital has a comprehensive postoperative management system.

4. Advanced sterilization systems are utilized to create a clean surgical environment for each procedure.

5. After conducting a scientific analysis, only necessary surgical procedures are performed for each patient.

6. The chief consultant provides full 1:1 translation, ensuring smooth communication throughout the process.

Director Renming Qin of VG Plastic Surgery is a comprehensive plastic surgeon who has conducted in-depth research on procedures such as eye and nose repairs, breast augmentation with implants, facial contouring, and thread lifting.

Director Renming Qin of VG Plastic Surgery

Let's Explore the Advantages of Director Renming Qin's Facial Contouring Technique at VG Plastic Surgery:

1. Precise Analysis: Director Renming Qin comprehensively analyzes the customer's skin condition, bone structure, etc., to create a customized surgical plan that suits the individual.

2. High Patient Satisfaction with 1:1 Consultation: Based on the results of a meticulous preoperative analysis, a 1:1 facial proportion molding plan is developed and executed. This approach avoids producing standardized contouring results, resulting in higher patient satisfaction.

3. Precise Surgery: With the assistance of precision instruments, Director Renming Qin performs surgeries with smaller incisions, minimal tissue damage, and reduced bleeding. This results in lower postoperative swelling and minimal side effects.

4. Comprehensive Customization: When creating facial contours, Director Renming Qin takes into account various aspects such as cheekbones, jaw angles, forehead, and apple muscles. This comprehensive customization ensures that only contours that suit the individual's face are created, leading to natural-looking results.

Let's Take a Look at Real-life Comparison Photos of Director Renming Qin's Contouring Three-step Procedure.

real-life comparison photos

The transformation after the procedure looks incredibly natural!

Therefore, VG Plastic Surgery is highly capable in performing contouring procedures. If you are considering facial contouring in Korea, you can confidently choose VG Plastic Surgery.

Hospital Address: 17 BLOCK Building, 8th and 9th Floor, 77 Street 17, Seoraero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Exit 10 of Gangnam Station.