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3 Best Clinics for a Nose Job in Korea-A Guide to Getting a Nose Job

2023-12-27 15:00:51

The popularity of getting a nose job in Korea has been on the rise, attracting not only local Koreans but also tourists. In Korean culture, beauty and facial harmony play a significant role, making cosmetic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty, a sought-after procedure. In fact, Korea has established itself as a global leader in cosmetic surgery, with a high number of nose job procedures performed each year.

3 Best Clinics for a Nose Job in Korea

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the number of rhinoplasty surgeries conducted in Korea in 2019 alone exceeded 50,000. This indicates the prevalence and demand for nose jobs in the country. Moreover, surveys, such as one conducted by Gallup Korea, reveal the cultural importance placed on beauty and aesthetics. The survey found that nearly one-third of Korean women in their 20s expressed a desire to undergo plastic surgery, with nose surgery being a popular choice. This highlights the societal emphasis on beauty and the significance placed on having an aesthetically pleasing nose.

Korean plastic surgeons are internationally recognized for their expertise in achieving natural-looking results. They employ advanced techniques, such as autologous cartilage grafting, which have been proven effective in delivering desirable nasal aesthetics. These innovative methods showcase the talent and skill of Korean surgeons in creating harmonious and natural nose shapes.

With its cultural significance, extensive experience, and skilled surgeons, Korea has become a premier destination for individuals seeking nose job procedures.

The Top Nose Job Clinics in Korea

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. However, after considering user feedback and conducting our own evaluations, we have identified three clinics that we can confidently recommend for anyone seeking a nose job in Korea.

3 Best Clinics for a Nose Job in Korea-The Plus Plastic Surgery Clinic

The Plus Plastic Surgery Clinic is well-known in the lively Gangnam district of Seoul as one of Korea's premier clinics for nose jobs. It has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional results and maintaining a high level of professionalism. Dr. Jeong Jae Yong and Dr. Kim Teak Kyun, esteemed specialists in rhinoplasty, lead the clinic and offer a wide range of nose surgery options. Dr. Jeong's extensive experience in the field makes him widely regarded as one of the top doctors for rhinoplasty, as evidenced by his book "Rhinoplasty Rebuilding Nose."

One notable aspect of The Plus Plastic Surgery Clinic is its impressive Google review rating of 4.8 out of 5, with many satisfied patients leaving positive feedback. This is a testament to the clinic's commitment to patient satisfaction and the trust it has earned from the community.

If you choose to have a nose job at The Plus Plastic Surgery Clinic, you can expect a comprehensive consultation process that focuses on understanding your specific desires and goals. The clinic prioritizes creating natural-looking results that enhance your overall appearance and complement your facial features.


For individuals who want a safe option for a nose job in Korea, The Plus Plastic Surgery Clinic is undoubtedly deserving of careful consideration. With its outstanding reputation, dedication to natural-looking results, and the expertise of Dr. Jeong, it has firmly established itself among the best clinics in Seoul and the rest of the country.

3 Best Clinics for a Nose Job in Korea-FacePlus Plastic Surgery Clinic

FacePlus Plastic Surgery Clinic, located in Gangnam, is renowned for its nose job procedures in Korea. Setting itself apart from other clinics, FacePlus offers a wide range of rhinoplasty procedures, ensuring that patients can find the specific solution they desire. Led by Dr. Park, a distinguished plastic surgeon and graduate of Seoul National University, FacePlus has garnered a stellar reputation in the field, earning the trust of over 25,000 patients. This solidifies the clinic's status as a top choice for nose jobs.

What differentiates FacePlus is its commitment to personalized care and attention to detail. Recognizing that each individual has unique nasal characteristics and desired outcomes, Dr. Park and the dedicated team at FacePlus work closely with patients in thorough consultations to develop a customized treatment plan catering to their specific needs. Furthermore, FacePlus Plastic Surgery Clinic boasts an exceptional Google review rating of 5 out of 5, reflecting the high level of patient satisfaction and the clinic's dedication to delivering excellent results and top-quality service.

By choosing FacePlus Plastic Surgery Clinic for your nose job in Korea, you can trust that you will be in the hands of skilled professionals who prioritize patient safety and comfort. The clinic's website showcases impressive before and after pictures, providing potential patients with a glimpse into the remarkable transformations achieved through their procedures.

FacePlus Plastic Surgery Clinic

3 Best Clinics for a Nose Job in Korea-JW Plastic Surgery

JW Plastic Surgery, located near the COEX Mall in Seoul, is renowned for its exceptional patient care and international appeal. It has become a popular destination for individuals from various countries seeking nose jobs. The clinic has built a strong reputation not only for nose procedures but also for a wide range of plastic surgery options. One of the key aspects of JW Plastic Surgery is its focus on providing a comfortable experience for international patients. The clinic has a team proficient in languages such as English, Chinese, Thai, Russian, and Vietnamese, effectively bridging any language barriers. Moreover, the doctors at JW Plastic Surgery can communicate in English, ensuring clear and effective dialogue throughout the entire process.

Moreover, JW Plastic Surgery takes pride in its board-certified plastic surgery specialists who have extensive experience in performing nose procedures. They are skilled in various techniques such as bulbous tip correction, alar reduction, deviated nose correction, and other specific nasal concerns, to deliver satisfying results.

Similar to the other clinics featured, JW Plastic Surgery has an outstanding Google review rating of 4.9 out of 5, which is a testament to its commitment to professionalism, quality outcomes, and attentive aftercare.

While JW Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive range of plastic surgery procedures, including nose jobs, its emphasis on patient safety, expertise, and excellent results makes it a solid choice for individuals seeking the best rhinoplasty in Seoul. By choosing JW Plastic Surgery, you not only gain access to a highly regarded clinic with a reputation for excellence but also a team that can communicate in multiple languages and the assurance of being cared for by talented plastic surgeons.

A Guide to Getting a Nose Job

When considering a nose job in Korea, it is essential to carefully think about and investigate the decision. The Plus Plastic Surgery Clinic, FacePlus Plastic Surgery Clinic, and JW Plastic Surgery are three highly reliable options for individuals seeking outstanding results and a life-changing experience. It is crucial to keep in mind that selecting the ideal clinic for your nose job in Korea depends on your specific requirements, preferences, and desired outcomes. 

It is recommended to spend time researching and visiting multiple clinics, taking into account factors such as expertise, reputation, patient reviews, and the overall atmosphere. With rhinoplasty being a complex procedure, selecting the right clinic that aligns with your expectations is ultimately the best approach for ensuring a satisfactory outcome.