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Dr. Ryu Ji-sung has a High Reputation in South Korea, Employed at Pitangui Plastic Surgery

2023-12-27 11:09:55

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Ryu Ji-sung is highly renowned and holds a prominent position in South Korea. He is affiliated with Pitangui Plastic Surgery. Most people are familiar with Dr. Ryu Ji-sung's expertise in eye bulging surgery, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Three main concerns about Dr. Ryu Ji-sung include:

Dr. Ryu Ji-sung's Status in Korea and Which Hospital He Works in.

It is well known that Dr. Ryu Ji-sung is a highly esteemed plastic surgeon in South Korea, practicing at Pitangui Plastic Surgery. His excellent results and high patient satisfaction in eye bulging surgery have earned him a good reputation, and many celebrities prefer to seek his services.

Dr. Ryu Ji-sung

How is Dr. Ryu Ji-sung as a Plastic Surgeon in South Korea?

Dr. Ryu Ji-sung is a well-known and highly skilled doctor in South Korea. He excels in eye bulging correction, prominent eye surgery, buttock augmentation, and QMC face lifting. He has performed surgeries for several Korean celebrity artists.

▲Advantages of Dr. Ryu Ji-sung's eye bulging surgery at Pitangui Plastic Surgery:

Dr. Ryu Ji-sung is the only doctor in South Korea who has obtained specialized certification in eye bulging surgery. He can perform both protruding and sunken eye corrections, and the stitches do not need to be removed after surgery.

The results of eye improvement are excellent, with only minor sensations of foreign objects and double vision, without any other adverse reactions. Moreover, peptide tissue implanted in the orbital bone area can be completely removed after ten or twenty years if desired.


▲Advantages of Dr. Ryu Ji-sung's QMC face lifting:

For face lifting, Dr. Ryu Ji-sung invented the QMC lifting procedure, achieving excellent results with a small incision. Real-life examples are quite stunning.

▲Advantages of Dr. Ryu Ji-sung's buttock augmentation:

His Brazilian implants for buttock augmentation are highly popular, creating a smooth and natural buttock curve with full allure. The incisions are made in the folds of the buttocks, leaving no noticeable surgical scars.

Now you have a better understanding of how Dr. Ryu Ji-sung is in South Korea and his high status there. He is a well-known and highly skilled doctor, often chosen by Korean celebrities for their plastic surgery needs.