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How to Get V-Line in Korea? Procedure,Price,Information...

2023-12-18 17:04:24

An ideal face in Korea exhibits a slim and symmetrical appearance, often with a v-shaped jawline. This facial structure enhances youthfulness and overall smoothness. For Koreans, possessing a v-line jaw represents femininity, whereas a squarely angular face is associated with masculinity, projecting strength and intimidation. 

If you find yourself wanting to achieve a v-line face, then the v-line surgery was specifically designed with you in mind. Continue reading to discover what it entails to attain a v-line facial shape.

V-Line Surgery

What is V-line surgery in Korea?

V-line surgery primarily focuses on reshaping and refining the jaw and chin to achieve a symmetrical and smooth facial contour. This type of cosmetic procedure is considered advanced due to its precise techniques necessary for individuals with uneven face shapes. It is also considered a risky procedure since it involves operating near the neck's nerve system. 

If the surgery is not performed correctly, the patient may suffer from nerve damage, which is why only those who truly require the surgery should undergo it. In order to qualify for the procedure, individuals must meet the following conditions:

- Individuals with a square or wide jaw

- Individuals with a flat jawline

- Individuals with a disproportionately long jaw compared to their face

- Individuals with angular jaws

Procedure and Methods to Achieve a V-line Face

Curious about how to achieve a V-line face? Some articles suggest non-surgical methods such as using a V-line mask or roller, but their effectiveness is questionable. On the other hand, V-line surgery performed by a reputable surgeon is a reliable and successful option.

 Since each person is unique and has different requirements, face contour surgery is tailored to meet individual needs. The procedure begins with a careful plan or even a 3D model of the patient's face to visualize the outcome post-surgery. Initial incisions are made to remove excess bone from the jaw and chin. After bone removal, the surgeon proceeds with stitching and sutures.

Procedure and Methods to Achieve a V-line Face

There are two main procedures used to achieve a V-line face: Jaw Reduction and T Osteotomy. 

In Jaw Reduction, bone is removed from the back of the ear to the frontal jaw bone. T Osteotomy, on the other hand, focuses solely on reshaping the chin area, involving both chin reshaping and side jaw trimming. 

Osteotomy offers several other methods, including: cutting the chin into a T shape to reduce width and length, cutting the chin into an inverted V shape to maintain a square chin while reducing its length, horizontally cutting the chin in the conventional manner, and using the L-shape shift method to address a protruding or excessively long chin.

Why Choose South Korea for V-line Surgery? 

Apart from learning about how to achieve a V-line face and the procedure involved, it is important to understand why having it done in South Korea is advantageous. Firstly, South Korea has earned the reputation of being the "plastic surgery capital of the world" due to the high number of plastic surgery procedures conducted annually, ranging in the thousands and even millions. 

 As a result of the country's widespread popularity in the field of plastic surgery, foreigners often travel to Korea to receive not only plastic surgery but also other skin treatments. This is attributed to the proven expertise of Korean surgeons in achieving exceptional results. Furthermore, Korea is at the forefront of innovation, offering the latest technologies for all skin treatments and surgical procedures available on the market. 

What is the Price of V-line Surgery? 

Naturally, achieving a V-line face requires financial investment, as nothing comes free in today's world. The cost of V-line surgery typically ranges from $5,500 to $20,000. However, the exact price is determined by factors such as the chosen method, technique, and complexity of the patient's specific procedure.

What is the Price of V-line Surgery?

V-line Surgery Information

V-line surgery is a complex procedure that requires general anesthesia to ensure the patient remains sedated and still throughout the surgery. This is necessary to achieve the desired symmetrical shape and avoid any damage to the nerves along the neck. By keeping the patient in a deep sleep, the surgeon can work without any disturbances. The duration of the procedure varies depending on the individual case, typically lasting between 1-2 hours or longer.

After the surgery, the patient will need to stay at the clinic for a few hours to one day for checkups and post-operative care. About a week or two later, the patient will return to the clinic to have the stitches removed during a follow-up checkup. It is recommended that the patient avoids strenuous activities for about 1-2 weeks after the surgery.

For international patients, it is important to note that they will need to stay in South Korea for 14 to 16 days to complete all the necessary follow-up checkups. This allows the surgeon to monitor their progress and ensure proper healing.

Pre-op and Post-op

Preparing for and recovering from face contour surgery requires specific steps to ensure eligibility and to promote successful results. Before the procedure, there are important guidelines that must be followed. Certain substances like vitamins, aspirin, and pills should be discontinued, while smoking and drinking should be abstained from for at least three days prior to surgery. Consuming a nutrient-rich diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can contribute to faster healing. It is important to wear comfortable clothing on the day of the scheduled surgery and to remove all jewelry, contact lenses, and nail polish. Additionally, it is crucial to avoid eating or drinking anything for a period of 4-8 hours before the procedure.

After the surgery, certain measures should be taken to aid in recovery. Resting in the clinic and using ice packs can facilitate a quicker recovery process. The patient is also advised to take all prescribed medications and to attend follow-up checkups as instructed. It is essential to refrain from drinking and smoking for a duration of four weeks to optimize the healing process.

Pre-op and Post-op

In conclusion, V-line surgery is a procedure that aims to achieve a harmonious and symmetrical facial shape, particularly sought after by Asians. This surgical method can help individuals appear younger and less imposing. The procedure involves two systematic techniques: jaw reduction and T osteotomy. Within the T osteotomy technique, there are four different methods that should only be performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.

Given its reputation for being a popular destination for plastic surgery, it is advisable to choose South Korea as your preferred location for such procedures. The country is widely recognized as a leader in the field, boasting a large number of experts who can deliver outstanding and long-lasting results at affordable prices. When considering facial contouring surgery, it is crucial to adhere to pre and post-operative instructions to ensure that you achieve your desired outcome quickly. If you have longed to attain the coveted v-line face shape commonly associated with Koreans, it is recommended that you schedule a consultation as soon as possible, bringing you closer to enhancing your appearance.