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GNG Plastic Surgery is Not Only a Famous Rhinoplasty Hospital in Seoul, but also Excellent in Jawline Contouring

2023-12-18 14:01:46

It is essential to choose a reliable hospital when considering plastic surgery in South Korea. Today, we recommend GNG Plastic Surgery, a hospital frequently visited by local Koreans. It is not only a famous rhinoplasty hospital in Seoul but also provides excellent jawline contouring procedures. Let's delve into the specific details!

Is GNG Plastic Surgery Good? Hospital introduction:

GNG Plastic Surgery's Department of Otolaryngology is not only a hospital-level medical institution but also holds national certification from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare.

GNG Plastic Surgery

 It is a renowned plastic surgery hospital in Seoul. The hospital offers various surgical procedures including nasal congestion/function surgery, rhinoplasty, nasal reconstruction, double eyelid surgery, facial contouring, eye plastic surgery, thread lifting, fat grafting, and pain anesthesia. 

Additionally, the hospital has a dedicated medical team specializing in different procedures to provide personalized surgical plans and high-quality medical services to every patient. In terms of rhinoplasty and nasal restoration, GNG Plastic Surgery provides treatments for various nasal shaping, restoration, functional corrections, and treatments for conditions such as rhinitis/sinusitis, as well as nasal bone fracture reduction. 

Moreover, it is a designated hospital for 3D-printed noses. GNG Plastic Surgery is not only famous for rhinoplasty but also has a good reputation for jawline contouring procedures.

jawline contouring procedures

Advantages of Jawline Contouring Procedures at GNG Plastic Surgery:

1. Combination of long curve excision and cortical bone removal technique to significantly improve front reduction results:

GNG Plastic Surgery's jawline contouring procedure combines long curve excision and cortical bone removal to expand the scope of facial reduction while avoiding the issue of secondary angles that arise from traditional mandible angle resection.

2. Additional procedures such as double chin/parotid fat pad removal and masseter muscle reduction to enhance facial reduction results:

In cases where there is excess cheek/jawline fat or hypertrophy of the masseter muscle, GNG Plastic Surgery provides additional procedures such as facial liposuction or masseter muscle reduction to further enhance the facial reduction results.

3. Establishment of a unique preoperative examination system for detailed assessments and thorough surgical planning:

GNG Plastic Surgery conducts comprehensive examinations, including imaging tests, to analyze the length, proportion, and shape of each individual's jaw as well as confirm the location of the neural line. This allows for the formulation of a reasonable and effective improvement plan.

Tangible surgical results

4. Tangible surgical results:

GNG Plastic Surgery allows patients to personally confirm the mandibular bone sectioned during the surgery. Additionally, they provide preoperative and postoperative X-ray and 3D-CT imaging tests for comparison.

Apart from these advantages, GNG Plastic Surgery also offers a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber to aid in swelling reduction and postoperative recovery for jawline contouring procedures.

In conclusion, GNG Plastic Surgery is not only a renowned rhinoplasty hospital in Seoul but also excels in jawline contouring. Genuine before and after photos serve as evidence of their expertise!