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How is iWell Plastic Surgery? A Recommended Clinic for Cheekbone and Jaw Surgery

2023-12-12 10:41:41

We may only have limited knowledge about iWell Plastic Surgery, so let's have a detailed discussion today on how iWell Plastic Surgery is and whether it is trustworthy. We will reveal the accurate answers through real exploration.

iWell Plastic Surgery

How is iWell Plastic Surgery?

a. Strength in plastic surgery: 

iWell Plastic Surgery, located in Gangnam District, Seoul, is a reputable cosmetic clinic known for its ability to perform complex surgeries such as jaw contouring. It is considered to have strong plastic surgery capabilities.

b. Expertise in plastic surgery techniques:

iWell Plastic Surgery specializes in facial contouring, natural double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and more. With advanced equipment and instruments, they can flexibly incorporate them into their surgical procedures.

How is iWell Plastic Surgery?

c. Price range of plastic surgery: 

Nine-piece facial contouring starts at $8,600;

Mandibular angle reduction starts at $4,400;

Cheekbone reduction starts at $3,600;

Ear cartilage composite rhinoplasty starts at $2,500;

Facial liposuction starts at $8,000 (per area);

Fixed double eyelid surgery starts at $12,200;

Chin reduction surgery starts at $3,600;

Implant breast augmentation starts at $8,760;

Please note that the above prices are for reference only as each individual's situation varies, and the surgical plans differ, resulting in completely different costs.

Price range of plastic surgery:

Based on these three aspects, we can clearly understand how iWell Plastic Surgery is. It has strong plastic surgery capabilities, advanced techniques, and reasonable and fair prices. Next, let's delve into whether it is trustworthy.

Is iWell Plastic Surgery Trustworthy? It Excels in Cheekbone and Jaw Surgery

iWell Plastic Surgery is undoubtedly trustworthy. It has unique technical capabilities in the field of facial contouring and has received praise from many beauty enthusiasts who have visited South Korea for plastic surgery.

a. Cheekbone surgery:

iWell Plastic Surgery has proprietary technology for cheekbone reduction, using a dedicated bone-membrane peeler, making the operation more convenient and efficient. When performing cheekbone reduction surgery, concerns about sagging are addressed by lifting both the cheekbone fascia and membrane together.

Is iWell Plastic Surgery Trustworthy?

b. Jaw angle surgery:

iWell Plastic Surgery possesses a specialized retractor for jaw angle surgery, minimizing the risk of blood vessel and nerve damage during a relatively smaller dissection. Based on personal preferences, they will determine whether to retain the angle, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted healing process.

Now that we know iWell Plastic Surgery is trustworthy and excels in cheekbone and jaw surgery, those planning to undergo contouring surgery in South Korea can confidently schedule a consultation at iWell Plastic Surgery.

Jaw angle surgery

After reading this, we understand that iWell Plastic Surgery is indeed trustworthy, demonstrating strong capabilities in cheekbone and jaw surgery. It has advanced techniques and is worth recommending to the general public seeking beauty enhancements.