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​Is ONDO Plastic Surgery Good for Nose Job? Excellent Technology and Prices Starting at $6250

2023-12-06 15:33:31

ONDO Plastic Surgery is well-known for being a reputable medical institution that specializes in nose jobs. Their expertise in plastic surgery is unparalleled, especially in the field of nose reconstruction. So, is ONDO Plastic Surgery good for nose job? Today, we will examine their nose correction technology, materials, and hospital facilities to find the answer.

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Is ONDO Plastic Surgery Good for Nose Job?

1. Excellent technology for nose job at ONDO Plastic Surgery

The surgeons at ONDO Plastic Surgery focus on achieving harmony and individuality when designing the nose, aiming for natural, delicate, and aesthetically pleasing results. Compared to traditional surgeries, ONDO Plastic Surgery prefers minimally invasive techniques. 

The hospital mainly uses nasal septum cartilage augmentation and ear cartilage augmentation for nose jobs. The nasal septum cartilage used by ONDO Plastic Surgery can also harvest the deeper portion of the septal cartilage. 

The toughness of this cartilage is comparable to rib cartilage, making it an excellent choice for shaping and providing support. It results in less trauma and is an ideal material for nose reconstruction.

2. Various materials for nose job at ONDO Plastic Surgery

ONDO Plastic Surgery uses different implant materials such as expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) and silicone. ePTFE has a porous structure that allows it to completely adhere to the skin and has excellent biocompatibility, preventing rejection reactions. Based on each customer's specific condition, ONDO Plastic Surgery recommends different implant materials to achieve the desired outcome.

3. Swelling reduction center at ONDO Plastic Surgery

The third to seventh day after the surgery is the peak period for swelling. To expedite the recovery after rhinoplasty, ONDO Plastic Surgery has set up a dedicated swelling reduction center for customers. Additionally, considering that face washing is not possible after nose surgery, ONDO Plastic Surgery offers skin keratin management to help customers take care of their facial skin.

In conclusion, ONDO Plastic Surgery is a good option for nose jobs due to its excellent technology, materials, and swelling reduction center. Let's now take a look at the prices for nose jobs at ONDO Plastic Surgery.

Is ONDO Plastic Surgery Good for Nose Job?

How Much does ONDO Plastic Surgery Charge for a Nose Job?

Primary Rhinoplasty: starting at $6250

Nose Repair: starting at $8050

Autologous Cartilage (Nose Repair Surgery): starting at $12550

Hump Nose: starting at $1250

Dermis: starting at $1250

Assisted Cartilage: starting at $1250

Deviated Nose: starting at $1250

Narrowed Nostrils: around $1250

Lucky Nose: starting at $1790

Narrowed Nostrils (Incision/Non-incision): starting at $1250/$2140