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GNG Plastic Surgery Provides Reliable Nose Reconstruction, with Dr. Kim Hye-young's Expertise in Treating External Nasal Deformities and Deviated Noses

2023-12-06 13:56:03

Many customers are dissatisfied with their previous nose surgeries and are considering nose reconstruction. However, they are unsure which hospital or doctor in Korea excels at nose reconstruction. Based on customer feedback, GNG Plastic Surgery is highly recommended for nose reconstruction.

GNG Plastic Surgery

The clinic has established itself in the challenging field of complex nose reconstruction and offers various procedures, including nasal functional surgery, nasal reconstruction, and correction of nasal deformities.

Is GNG Plastic Surgery a Reliable Choice for Plastic Surgery?

GNG Plastic Surgery is a medical institution that has been certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea. It possesses facilities comparable to those of comprehensive hospitals and provides high-quality and personalized services, similar to private hospitals. 

In addition to nose blockage/nasal functional surgery, nasal cosmetic surgery, and nose reconstruction, GNG Plastic Surgery also excels in double eyelid surgery, facial contouring, eye plastic surgery, thread lifting, and fat filling.

Comparison of Nose Reconstruction Cases at GNG Plastic Surgery:

1) Correction of flaring nostrils in short nose case at GNG Plastic Surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Kim Hye-young

"Flaring nostrils" are a common problem faced by many individuals, as large, prominent nostrils can detract from the overall appearance. Various factors may lead to flaring nostrils, such as short nose deformity (upturned nose), recessed nasal alar, overly large nostrils, and deviated or contracted nose. 

GNG Plastic Surgery employs different corrective techniques based on the cause of the flaring nostrils, ensuring a natural and tailored solution rather than simply lengthening the nasal tip.

flaring nostrils in short nose case

2) Correction of hump nose at GNG Plastic Surgery: Before and after comparison photos

Surgeon: Dr. Kim Hye-young

"It has been a month since my hump nose correction surgery. Here are my photos after the swelling subsided! 

Before, the swelling was quite noticeable, but now the results look natural, and my hump nose has become smooth! Many thanks to Dr. Kim Hye-young!"

hump nose

3) Before and after case comparison of nasal bone fracture reduction at GNG Plastic Surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Kim Hye-young

In addition to correcting fractured bones, GNG Plastic Surgery can also address nasal congestion caused by the fractures. 

From examination to surgery and discharge, the fracture reduction and nose reshaping can be performed in a single session.

nasal bone fracture reduction

4) Postoperative reflection on nose repair surgery at GNG Plastic Surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Kim Hye-young

"GNG Plastic Surgery is exceptional. Dr. Kim provided detailed explanations during our consultation and took great care of me. She even showed me a virtual simulation, which made me feel more at ease.

As it was a revision surgery, the tip of my nose was reconstructed using rib and ear cartilage to improve the conditions caused by previous procedures. I am very satisfied with the postoperative results! I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff at GNG Plastic Surgery for their care and assistance in quickly reducing the swelling."

nose repair surgery

5) Nasal septum deviation correction during nose augmentation at GNG Plastic Surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Kim Hye-young

During nose augmentation surgery, if a deviated nasal septum is not corrected, it can cause the implant to shift and lead to an increasingly visible distortion. Even mild deviations can become more noticeable after the height of the nose is increased.

It is essential to correct any deviation in the nasal septum since building upon a crooked foundation will never result in an upright structure.

Nasal septum deviation correction

Based on the above comparison cases of nose reconstruction and correction of nasal deformities at GNG Plastic Surgery, it is evident that the clinic excels in nose cosmetic surgery. It is no wonder that many  patients specifically request Dr. Kim Hye-young for their nose revision surgeries.