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Korean Cleft Lip Repair Surgery Costs at $14,000 or More - Why is it so Expensive?

2023-12-05 14:13:39

It is well-known that South Korea has advanced plastic surgery techniques that can effectively improve facial defects. So, how much does cleft lip repair cost in Korea? It is said to start at $14,000 USD. The price of this surgery for a cleft lip may seem quite high, but why is it so expensive?

Cleft Lip Repair Surgery

The Average Cost of Cleft Lip Repair Surgery in Korea

Overall, the cost of cleft lip repair in Korea ranges from $14,000 to $25,000 USD.

1. Repair of Grade I Cleft Lip: Starting at $14,000 USD

Grade I cleft lip symptoms: Only the red portion of the lip is split.

2. Repair of Grade II Cleft Lip: Starting at $14,000 USD

Grade II cleft lip symptoms: The upper lip is split up to the philtrum, but it does not extend to the base of the nose.

3. Repair of Grade III Cleft Lip: Starting at $21,000 USD

Grade III cleft lip symptoms: The entire upper lip, including the base of the nose, is completely split, and in severe cases, one nostril may be separated.

4. Repair of Bilateral Cleft Lip: Starting at $14,000 USD

5. Repair of Lip, Philtrum, and Nasal Cleft: Approximately $21,000 to $25,000 USD

Cost of Cleft Lip Repair Surgery in Korea

Analysis of the High Cost of Cleft Lip Repair in Korea

It cannot be generalized that cleft lip repair in Korea is always expensive because the cost depends on the severity of the "cleft lip" symptoms, which can vary.

1. Symptoms

From the "Korean Cleft Lip Plastic Surgery Price List" above, it can be seen that even though they are all referred to as "cleft lip," the severity of the symptoms varies, resulting in different repair costs.

Severe cleft lip cases require surgery not only on the abnormal lip shape but also on the philtrum and nose.

2. Procedures

- For bilateral cleft lip patients, if the lip tubercle is not prominent or absent, the surgeon needs to create a prominent lip tubercle in the center of the upper lip through surgery.

- Patients with a midline muscle tissue gap in their lips may not achieve a complete repair after the initial surgery and may require a second surgery to connect the muscle layers.

- Cleft lip patients may also experience deviated or asymmetric nostrils, which require corrective surgery.

- After all procedures are completed, the postoperative scars need repair and aesthetic improvement. Achieving invisible scars after surgery is technically challenging.

Therefore, cleft lip surgery is a complex and highly difficult procedure. Consequently, cleft lip repair prices are high not only in Korea but also in the domestic market for severe cases.

Which Hospitals in Korea excel in Cleft Lip Repair

Which Hospitals in Korea Excel in Cleft Lip Repair?

1. Wonjin Plastic Surgery

2. Noselips Plastic Surgery

3. ThreeWishes Plastic Surgery

Wonjin Plastic Surgery, Noselips Plastic Surgery, and ThreeWishes Plastic Surgery are all reputable hospitals in Korea for cleft lip repair.

In conclusion, cleft lip repair surgery in Korea starts at $14,000 USD. Although it may seem expensive, the surgery results in harmoniously healthy lip, philtrum, and nose structures, with minimal scarring, making it worth the investment.