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What about Director Lee Ji-hee from ID Hospital? The Three-point Contour Style is Attractive

2023-12-01 09:25:11

For those who are considering plastic surgery in South Korea, they have probably heard of ID Hospital, a large-scale comprehensive plastic surgery hospital. As a specialized hospital for facial bone and facial features in South Korea, ID Hospital has several jaw and facial surgeons, including actors Park Sang-hoon, Kwon Joo-young, and Director Lee Ji-hee.

Today, let's talk about Director Lee Ji-hee from ID Hospital, who has a high profile. Looking at examples, Director Lee Ji-hee's three-point contour style is attractive, and when considering the fees, his prices for cheekbone and jaw angle surgery are affordable!

Director Lee Ji-hee from ID Hospital has Extensive Clinical Experience as the Specialized Director for Facial Bone and Facial Contouring at ID Hospital

He has been selected as one of the top ten facial contouring surgeons in South Korea by Korean women. Director Lee Ji-hee graduated from Seoul National University Medical School and also completed an internship in plastic surgery at Samsung Seoul Hospital. He is a full-time physician with impeccable credentials. 

As a member of the prestigious Korean Society of Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Director Lee Ji-hee frequently attends seminars on plastic surgery. In addition, Director Lee Ji-hee and his surgical model participated in the fifth episode of the Korean SBS TV plastic surgery variety show called "LET'S Beauty". Many local Korean women know that Director Lee Ji-hee from ID Hospital has attractive examples of plastic surgery.

Director Lee Ji-hee

To truly understand Director Lee Ji-hee, one would know that he is currently in his prime as a plastic surgeon. Perhaps his fame is not as great as that of Director Park Sang-hoon within the hospital, but compared to Director Park Sang-hoon's older age, Director Lee Ji-hee has accumulated a wealth of experience. He has done a considerable number of contouring procedures, reducing the need for surgeries like contouring/double eyelid revision.

ID Hospital has Many Examples of Director Lee Ji-hee's Contouring Procedures, Tailored to the Individual's Profession and Specific Needs

As a result, the satisfaction rate after surgery is high, and many patients evaluate Director Lee Ji-hee's three-point contouring style as attractive.

Comparing the three point contouring procedure done by Director Lee Ji-hee: cheekbone reduction + jaw angle reduction + chin reduction, the style appears natural, reducing the width of the face while creating a three-dimensional facial shape! 

In addition, the protruding parts of the jaw angle are trimmed to create a smooth and three-dimensional jawline. Combined with a natural and smooth chin contour, the face appears perfect from any angle.

three-point contouring style

How well does Director Lee Ji-hee do in cheekbone surgery? Looking at the examples of Director Lee Ji-hee's cheekbone surgery, it is evident that he achieves a noticeable reduction without sagging. 

Director Lee Ji-hee offers two types of cheekbone reduction surgeries: the child-like cheekbone reduction and High-L cheekbone reduction. Based on a specific facial assessment, he determines which cheekbone reduction procedure is suitable for individuals with problems such as high and protruding cheekbones. From the before and after photos of Director Lee Ji-hee's cheekbone surgery, we can see that he achieves a significant reduction in cheekbones with full and defined contours, effectively solving the issue of sagging skin and bone seams.

cheekbone surgery

How about Director Lee Ji-hee's jaw angle surgery? Looking at before and after photos of Director Lee Ji-hee's jaw angle reduction surgery, the jawline appears smoother and more natural. 

The primary goal of his jaw angle reduction surgery at ID Hospital is to diagnose the width of the cheekbones, jaw angle, and chin width based on the V-logi aesthetic golden ratio. The surgery involves removing the ABC+M areas, which greatly reduces the size of the jawbones, making the front of the face appear slimmer. The entire jawline appears smooth and natural, and there is no need to worry about nerves being damaged from the chin to the brain. The surgery avoids the nerves and is performed precisely after a thorough diagnosis.

jaw angle surgery

Based on ID Hospital's Fees for Facial Contouring, Director Lee Ji-hee's Prices for Cheekbone and Jaw Angle Surgery are Affordable

The approximate costs are as follows:

- V-line jaw angle surgery: Starting from $9,900

- Jaw angle reduction surgery: Starting from $6,900

- Chin surgery: Starting from $5,400

- Cheekbone surgery: Starting from $6,900

- Mini V-line surgery: Starting from $6,900

- Double eyelid surgery: Starting from $19,700

- Three-point surgery (double cheekbones + protruding mouth): Starting from $24,000

The above mentioned prices are only reference costs for facial contouring at ID Hospital. The specific fees will be determined based on a comprehensive face-to-face consultation, taking into consideration the degree of cheekbone protrusion and the size of the jaw angle.

In conclusion, considering the above information, what do you think of Director Lee Ji-hee from ID Hospital? His three-point contouring style is attractive, and the prices for cheekbone and jaw angle surgery are affordable. One reminder is that it is not possible to make same-day appointments with Director Lee Ji-hee. As for the question of whether ID Hospital is open on weekends, please be informed that the hospital is closed on Sundays and public holidays.