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How is 1% Plastic Surgery for Jaw Angle Surgery? Significant Advantages in Bone Trimming Technique with Affordable Charges

2023-11-30 14:36:18

Which hospital is good for jaw angle surgery in South Korea? There are many excellent hospitals for contouring surgery in South Korea, but some customers ask how 1% Plastic Surgery is for jaw angle surgery. Today, the author visited 1% Plastic Surgery to explain the advantages of their jaw angle bone trimming technique and the charges.

First, Let's Talk about How 1% Plastic Surgery is for Jaw Angle Surgery. 

It is safe to say that 1% Plastic Surgery is very good for jaw angle surgery, with surgeons who excel in aesthetic techniques. 

1% Plastic Surgery

The director of 1% Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lim Jong-yu, is a surgeon from ID Hospital who specializes in jaw angle contouring, cheekbone augmentation, and other facial contouring surgeries. He has rich experience and is skilled at uncovering the advantages of individual facial contours. He is one of the renowned surgeons in South Korea for facial contouring.

Dr. Lim Jong-yu

Next, Let's Look at the Advantages of 1% Plastic Surgery's Jaw Angle Bone Trimming Technique:

1. Long curve bone trimming: 

Preoperative 3D CT imaging is done to determine the position and direction of nerves. After determining the amount of jaw angle bone trimming, a long curved rectangular chin bone removal is performed from behind the ear to the front of the jaw, improving the lower face. The postoperative jaw angle shape appears natural and smooth, as if it were naturally formed.

Long curve bone trimming

2. Proper removal of outer plate: 

For faces that appear wider from the front, the surgery involves removing the outer cortical bone of the jaw through an intraoral incision to reduce jaw width, making the face appear narrower and more elongated from the front.

Proper removal of outer plate

3. Appropriate reduction of masseter muscle: 

The masseter muscle is also a cause of facial enlargement. If the patient has both enlarged jaw angle and masseter muscle, Dr. Lim Jong-yu will remove a portion of the masseter muscle while trimming the jaw bone.

reduction of masseter muscle

4. Proper removal of buccal fat pad: 

During jaw angle bone trimming surgery, if the patient has thick buccal fat pads, Dr. Lim will remove the corresponding buccal fat pads.

 removal of buccal fat pad

In summary, jaw angle surgery at 1% Plastic Surgery is not simply about bone trimming. Dr. Lim will comprehensively improve each patient's facial condition based on their individual situation. The hospital has excellent surgeons who excel in technology and aesthetics. The resulting jaw angle contouring surgery achieves a smooth and natural overall facial shape. Therefore, 1% Plastic Surgery is a trustworthy hospital for contouring surgery.

Furthermore, the Charges for Jaw Angle Contouring Surgery at 1% Plastic Surgery are Affordable. 

The specific fees are as follows:

- Jaw angle trimming/bone trimming: Starting from $4800

- Jaw angle bone trimming + cheekbone augmentation: Starting from $9700

- V-LIAN almond-shaped face surgery: Starting from $6700

- T-shaped chin bone trimming: Starting from $5400

jaw angle contouring surgery

Additionally, during jaw angle contouring surgery at 1% Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lim personally attends to the patient throughout the entire procedure, so there is no need to worry about "shadow surgeons" or "switching surgeons." The hospital has a safety system equivalent to Seoul National University Hospital and a resident anesthesiologist dedicated to anesthesia. Hence, patients can completely trust their choice.

In conclusion, the evaluation for "How is 1% Plastic Surgery for jaw angle surgery?" is that their bone trimming technique has significant advantages and the charges are affordable. It is a reliable and legitimate hospital for contouring procedures.