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Qline Plastic Surgery vs 365mc Hospital: Which is Cheaper for Abdominal Liposuction?

2023-11-29 15:29:04

If you're considering abdominal liposuction in South Korea but are unsure about the prices, we've got you covered. Today, we will introduce the prices of abdominal liposuction at two well-known Korean hospitals: Qline Plastic Surgery and 365mc Hospital. Let's compare which of these two hospitals offers cheaper abdominal liposuction.

Qline Plastic Surgery's Pricing for Liposuction

Qline Plastic Surgery's advantages for liposuction: Large volume of liposuction + no need for compression garments. 

The price for abdominal liposuction at Qline Plastic Surgery starts at $3000.

Qline Plastic Surgery

This hospital specializes in liposuction and female intimate plastic surgery, excelling in both areas. Particularly in liposuction, they are able to perform large-volume liposuction, achieving results such as "cartoon-like legs" and "ant-waist." This demonstrates the hospital's expertise and experience in managing liposuction volume.

Despite the large volume of liposuction, another advantage of Qline Plastic Surgery is that patients do not need to wear compression garments after the procedure. Their extensive clinical experience, combined with post-operative management, not only avoids uneven contours but also ensures gradual wound healing, resulting in nearly invisible scars. Even when fully recovered, it would be difficult to detect any signs of surgery, even when wearing a bikini.


Pricing for Liposuction at 365mc Hospital

365mc Hospital's advantages for liposuction: AI-assisted liposuction + lams liposuction.

 The price for overall abdominal liposuction (including the sides) starts at $3500, while the price for overall abdominal liposuction + sides + upper back (posterior waist) starts at $4200.

365mc Hospital

365mc Hospital has been dedicated to studying and refining liposuction techniques, from surgical trends and equipment to each step of the process. This includes 14 dedicated liposuction operating rooms and 58 post-operative recovery rooms.

The hospital employs two unique techniques for liposuction. One is AI-assisted liposuction, which incorporates artificial intelligence into traditional liposuction, allowing for accurate prediction of post-operative results. This greatly enhances the precision of liposuction.

The other technique is lams liposuction, which involves injecting a tumescent solution into the fat to break it down and facilitate its removal. The lams liposuction needle used is much finer than the ones used in traditional liposuction, resulting in minimal trauma and significantly reduced bruising. Patients can return to work as early as the second day after surgery, earning lams the reputation of "one-day liposuction."

one-day liposuction

Overall, while the pricing for abdominal liposuction at 365mc Hospital may be higher compared to Qline Plastic Surgery, it's important to note that the quality of abdominal liposuction offered at Qline Plastic Surgery is worth the investment. Individuals can choose according to their financial circumstances.