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How is Dr. Zheng Zhixiong's Mandibular Contouring? He is a Famous Orthognathic Surgeon in Korea

2023-11-29 14:17:37

How is Dr. Zheng Zhixiong's mandibular contouring? In the following paragraphs, we will introduce you with real-life examples and highlight the doctor's technical advantages. You will also learn about Dr. Zheng Zhixiong's orthognathic procedures and the fees for his services.

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How is Dr. Zheng Zhixiong's Mandibular Contouring?

Dr. Zheng Zhixiong is an excellent surgeon known for his mandibular contouring skills. He is an oral and maxillofacial specialist at Samsung Seoul Hospital, proficient in using endoscopy for mandibular contouring surgery. His expertise includes bilateral osteotomy, orthognathic surgery, and mandibular angle contouring.

Dr. Zheng Zhixiong invented the 3D rotational reduction surgery for the zygomatic bone, which simultaneously elevates the fascial layer while contouring the zygomatic bone. He is also proficient in mandibular angle contouring, using a segmented osteotomy technique to avoid the appearance of a secondary angle, resulting in natural and smooth contours.

Dr. Zheng Zhixiong

With several decades of clinical surgical experience in mandibular contouring, Dr. Zheng has held positions as the head of oral and maxillofacial surgery departments at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, BK Plastic Surgery, and WHITE Plastic Surgery.

How is Dr. Zheng Zhixiong's mandibular contouring?

Dr. Zheng believes that a person's facial shape is not solely determined by skeletal structure alone. He combines mandibular contouring surgery with procedures such as fat filling and facelifts, which enable patients to avoid the need for secondary corrective surgeries.

What are the Technical Highlights of Dr. Zheng Zhixiong's Mandibular Contouring?

- Utilizing 3D printing technology, patients can preview their post-operative appearance.

- Proficient knowledge of anatomical layers and structures, minimizing errors during surgery to within millimeters.

- No sagging, bone non-union, or rebound phenomena after mandibular contouring surgery.

- Minimal bleeding, often eliminating the need for drainage.

- Rapid reduction of swelling, shortening the recovery period.

Dr. Zheng Zhixiong's Pricing for Mandibular Contouring:

- Mandibular angle contouring surgery: Starting from $7,600 USD.

- Zygomatic bone contouring surgery: Approximately $9,100-12,200 USD.

- Orthognathic surgery: Approximately $15,200-30,400 USD.

How is Dr. Zheng Zhixiong's Orthognathic Surgery?

Dr. Zheng has remarkable skills in performing orthognathic surgery, with hundreds of cases performed each year. He utilizes 6D imaging technology to design customized plans for orthognathic surgery, effectively addressing issues such as open bite, protrusion, and asymmetrical jawlines by avoiding nerves and blood vessels.

Given the complexity of orthognathic surgery, Dr. Zheng pays great attention to detail. He continuously revises surgical plans and relies on X-ray measurements to determine the required bone repositioning, angles, and osteotomy cuts, resulting in minimized surgical errors.

Is Dr. Zheng Zhixiong famous in South Korea

Is Dr. Zheng Zhixiong Famous in South Korea?

Dr. Zheng Zhixiong is well-known in South Korea for his mandibular contouring surgeries. Many people seek his consultation based on his reputation and recognition. Even Chinese residents in South Korea are familiar with Dr. Zheng's work, and most have heard positive feedback regarding his mandibular contouring surgeries.

Based on the above information, we can conclude that Dr. Zheng Zhixiong performs excellent mandibular contouring surgeries. His technical expertise is evident, and he has gained considerable recognition in South Korea. Furthermore, his fees are reasonable, making him a cost-effective choice for mandibular contouring surgery.