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How is NANA Plastic Surgery's Reputation and Price for Breast Augmentation?

2023-11-28 14:02:05

NANA Plastic Surgery's breast augmentation technique is well-known, and it is their signature procedure. Many women visit the clinic for this specific treatment. Today, we will explore the advantages of NANA Plastic Surgery's breast augmentation, the price, and review real-life case results.

NANA Plastic Surgery

NANA Plastic Surgery's Advantages for Breast Augmentation:

1. Comprehensive preoperative examination: In order to ensure a safe surgery, NANA Plastic Surgery has a complete preoperative examination center. Specifically for breast augmentation, they conduct a thorough assessment of the suitability for the procedure and diagnose the actual condition of the breasts, preparing for the surgery.

2. No capsular contracture: To prevent capsular contracture in breast augmentation and achieve a natural touch, NANA Plastic Surgery offers a unique zero capsular contracture project.

3. Scarless: The director of the breast department provides one-on-one service from consultation to surgery. After the procedure, the clinic offers specialized scar treatment in the dermatology department to eliminate residual scars.

4. Excellent elasticity and touch: To ensure a realistic and natural touch after breast augmentation, NANA Plastic Surgery provides treatments such as high-frequency and infrared therapy, not only shortening the recovery time but also enhancing the surgical results.

The Unique Features of Motiva Breast Augmentation at NANA Plastic Surgery:

Motiva not only guarantees high safety but also effectively prevents capsular contracture, resulting in a natural shape and touch. The procedure does not require blood transfusion, suture removal, or hospitalization, and patients can resume their daily activities within 1-3 days.

Motiva Breast Augmentation

Advantage 1: Maintains a natural appearance and soft touch in any position.

Advantage 2: The nanosurface effectively prevents capsular contracture.

Advantage 3: BLUSEAL chip detection technology can identify any damage to the implants.

How is NANA Plastic Surgery's Breast Augmentation Technique? Real Case Results Provide Evidence.





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Which Surgeon at NANA Plastic Surgery is Best for Breast Augmentation? Recommendations are as Follows:

Representative directors include Dr. Huang Brassyuan, Dr. Choi Hengxi, and Dr. Zhang Ruiyun. Among them, Dr. Huang Brassyuan has gained high popularity and recognition. 

The Plastic Reconstructive Surger journal published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (PRS) featured Dr. Huang Brassyuan's Dual Play Plus implant breast augmentation method, emphasizing its ability to improve the touch sensation of the implants while significantly reducing the surgical time.

Which Surgeon at NANA Plastic Surgery is Best for Breast Augmentation?

The Price Reference for NANA Plastic Surgery's Breast Augmentation is as Follows:

Motiva breast augmentation: Starting from 9,000 to 14,000 USD.

Bellagel breast augmentation: Starting from 7,000 to 11,000 USD.