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The Ultimate Guide to Breast Revision

2023-08-17 16:48:31

Last fact-checked: 27 October 2020

Breast revision surgery is used to replace or remove old implants. Often, patients seek this procedure to alter the shape or enhance the appearance of their breasts following a previous augmentation procedure. 

The cost of this surgery can be prohibitively expensive at home, which is why more and more people are driving or flying to other more affordable destinations for treatment. 

Find out where you can receive breast revision surgery and book in with one of Medical Departures' verified clinics. 

What Is a Breast Revision Used for?

Breast revision is simply another term for removing implants, which, for one reason or another, you may have decided you want—or need for medical purposes. A breast revision can be used to: 

  • Reshape the breast implant pocket so that the implant can be repositioned
  • Increase or decrease the size or change the shape of the breasts by replacing old implants
  • Replace old implants with new material, often for medical reasons

Am I Suitable for a Breast Revision?

As well as seeking this surgery for aesthetic reasons, certain medical complications may necessitate this treatment. Typical complications with breast implants include leaking implants, implants that have moved out of position or capsular contraction (where scar tissue surrounding the implant tightens). You may have also experienced changes in the breast tissue caused by weight loss or weight gain. 

Regardless of the reason, you will need to be in good overall health and have realistic expectations of the outcome. A surgeon will be able to confirm your suitability upon consultation. 

What Does the Breast Revision Procedure Entail?

You will first have a consultation with your surgeon, discussing what you are hoping to achieve with a breast revision. The exact nature of the procedure will be dependent upon what needs to be done.

While under general anesthesia, to remove your existing implants, the surgeon will make incisions over the scars from your previous surgery, remove the implants, and stitch the wound back up. 

The exact breast revision technique varies, depending upon your condition and desires:

  • If you are having new implants of the same size, new ones will simply be inserted in the place of the old ones.
  • If you are changing size with your new implants, the pocket in the breast where the implant is placed will have to be enlarged (for bigger implants), or reduced (for smaller implants), which will obviously require a little more time.
  • If you have had a problem with the position of the implant being in the wrong place, or implant rippling, the implant may have to be re-positioned.

Your surgeon may have to manipulate scar tissue surrounding the implant, as well as reconstructing the pocket where the implant sits so that it is relocated.

What Is the Recovery Time for a Breast Revision?

Soreness and tenderness are to be expected for several days after your breast revision surgery, but many people return to work in a week. You must be careful to avoid heavy lifting and anything that is going to stretch you too far–this includes vigorous exercise, for six weeks.

When undertaking this surgery abroad, consult with your surgeon as to what you should do (and what you should avoid) in the days immediately following surgery. You can also ask them when you will be able to safely fly home as this can depend on several factors. 

How Much Does Breast Revision Cost Abroad?

This depends on where you go (both in terms of the destination and particular clinic/hospital). As a rough guide, breast revision in Mexico costs around $3,700 and around £3,400 in the Philippines.

With all the associated medical costs with a breast revision in the US, it is possible to save well over 50% on the price of this surgery by heading abroad.

You can find lists of background-checked breast revision clinics in some of our most popular medical tourism destinations below:

  • Breast revision clinics in Mexico
  • Breast revision clinics in the Philippines
  • Breast revision clinics in Thailand

How Do I Get Started?

Browse through our listings above or take a look through our global breast revision clinics here. 

Book your free appointment through Medical Departures to guarantee the best prices when getting treatment abroad. You can do this directly through our site or via our Customer Care Team who can be contacted by phone, email or online chat. 


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