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​Famous Korean Surgeons for Rhinoplasty: Han Jun, Kim Jae-hun, and Lee Byeong-min

2023-11-21 14:16:33

Many people are curious about the famous surgeons in South Korea for rhinoplasty. Today, we have compiled a list of these surgeons, including Han Jun, Kim Jae-hun, Lee Byeong-min, and Ren Yongmin. These surgeons are famous for their exceptional skills in rhinoplasty. Let's take a closer look.


Famous Korean Surgeons for Rhinoplasty

1. Han Jun - ONDO Plastic Surgery President

Rhinoplasty Style: Emphasizes a natural look that appears refined and harmonious

Impression of the surgeon: Gentle and pleasant demeanor during communication

Technical Advantages in Rhinoplasty: Prior to the procedure, Dr. Han uses 3D-CT diagnosis and one-on-one consultations to understand the factors contributing to an unflattering nose. He specializes in creating three-dimensional noses without the use of implants, using only dermal tissue and autologous cartilage to enhance the natural framework of the nasal tip. This approach ensures a realistic touch, improves facial symmetry, and treats facial disharmony, such as a protruding mouth. Please refer to the before and after photos of rhinoplasty by Dr. Han Jun below.

Han Jun Rhinoplasty

2. Kim Jae-hun - 431 Plastic Surgery President

Rhinoplasty Style: Focuses on a natural appearance without exaggerated "Instagram influencer" features

Impression of the surgeon: Conversational and easy to communicate with

Unique Rhinoplasty Technique: Dr. Kim utilizes a distinctive technique called "Dynamic Nasal Tip Surgery," which involves using autologous cartilage to build up the nasal tip, ensuring symmetry and balance. The approach emphasizes harmony and natural beauty. As a result, the probability of side effects, such as an upturned nasal tip, becomes negligible. Additionally, Dr. Kim is known for his responsible and meticulous approach, personally attending to consultations, surgeries, and post-operative care.

Kim Jae-hun Rhinoplasty Style

3. Lee Byeong-min - HEAR Plastic Surgery President

Rhinoplasty Style: Creates a slightly upturned nose that is not overly pronounced but still impressive in height

Impression of the surgeon: Polite and refined in speech and manner

Advantages in Rhinoplasty Techniques: Dr. Lee's primary focus is rhinoplasty. He can complete the initial nasal operation in approximately 30 minutes without the need for packing. Patients can breathe normally after surgery. Dr. Lee is particularly skilled in using septal cartilage and the posterior nasal septum (which many surgeons cannot extract) to perform the procedure under local anesthesia. There is no need for nasal splints or hemostatic cotton, resulting in a quicker recovery compared to standard procedures. Dr. Lee's skills in repairing and correcting noses have been affirmed by successfully performing rhinoplasties within 40 minutes to an hour.

4. Ren Yongmin - VG Plastic Surgery President

Rhinoplasty Style: Creates natural nasal contours with a touch of elegance

Ren Yongmin Rhinoplasty Style

Impression of the surgeon: Patient and attentive, improving both the appearance and functionality of the nose

Ren Yongmin is a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon in South Korea and is well-known for his expertise in nose surgeries, including augmentation and reconstruction for many celebrities. Before performing any rhinoplasty, Dr. Ren utilizes precise analysis through 3D CT scans to understand the nasal structure, particularly the condition of the nasal septum cartilage. By offering tailored rhinoplasty procedures, Dr. Ren addresses nasal issues while treating rhinitis during the surgery. 

After reading this article, you now know the names of the famous surgeons for rhinoplasty in South Korea. Han Jun, Kim Jae-hun, Lee Byeong-min, and Ren Yongmin are all renowned for their unique styles and excellent surgical techniques. They have earned positive reputations and practice at well-known hospitals in South Korea. You can consider consulting with two or three of these surgeons before making a decision.