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How is GNG Plastic Surgery for Nose Jobs? Share the Advantages of Chan Haigong's Non-Implant Rhinoplasty Technique

2023-11-17 14:44:48

As we all know, there are countless excellent plastic surgery hospitals for nose jobs in South Korea. However, I want to recommend a hospital that is highly recognized by local Koreans and excels in nose jobs - GNG Plastic Surgery!

How is GNG Plastic Surgery for Nose Jobs?

GNG Plastic Surgery is exceptional when it comes to nose jobs. The hospital has strong overall capabilities, skilled doctors with extensive experience in rhinoplasty, and is a reputable and popular hospital for nose jobs in South Korea.

GNG Plastic Surgery

About GNG Plastic Surgery:

GNG Plastic Surgery is one of the few hospitals that are at the level of medical institutions. The hospital is quite large, occupying a standalone building with ten floors. It has an underground parking lot and a power distribution room. The hospital is well-equipped with more than thirty beds, four CT scan machines, emergency facilities, 24-hour resident anesthesiologists, and a hyperbaric chamber to aid in rapid swelling reduction.

About GNG Plastic Surgery

Advantages and Characteristics of GNG Plastic Surgery for Nose Jobs:

Nose surgeries are one of the specialties of GNG Plastic Surgery. They offer a diverse range of nose-related cosmetic procedures, with non-implant rhinoplasty being a major characteristic. Moreover, they have obtained a medical patent for their "NO-PLANT" non-implant rhinoplasty technique!

Advantages of GNG Plastic Surgery

One of the excellent doctors at GNG Plastic Surgery for nose jobs is Director Chan Haigong. Director Chan is a professor at the Catholic University of Korea's Medical College, specializing in otorhinolaryngology. With over 20 years of clinical experience, he has a profound understanding of nasal structure and can create various nose styles.

In terms of non-implant rhinoplasty, Director Chan's technical advantages lie in his excellent aesthetics, meticulous surgical techniques, and the use of crushed cartilage to minimize tissue absorption. This technique almost completely eliminates the need for secondary corrective surgeries due to high tissue absorption. The use of autologous tissue and bio-materials seamlessly integrates with the nasal tissues, resulting in a natural and realistic appearance. Even X-rays and CT scans would not reveal any abnormalities, and the nose feels flexible to the touch!

Of course, as a hospital specializing in nose jobs, besides Director Chan Haigong, GNG Plastic Surgery also has Director Hong Shengwen, Director Jin Huiying, Director Kim Jisoo, and others who are excellent doctors for nose jobs.

Director Chan Haigong

Let's Take a Look at the Before and After Photos of Non-implant Rhinoplasty at GNG Plastic Surgery:

before and after photos of non-implant rhinoplasty

How about that? Impressive, isn't it? GNG Plastic Surgery has certain differences between male and female rhinoplasty, and both have received excellent feedback!

In conclusion, after reading the above introduction to GNG Plastic Surgery's nose jobs, everyone should have a clear understanding. Oh, by the way, I want to let you know that GNG Plastic Surgery also offers corrective surgeries for deviated nasal septum, treatment for rhinitis, and treatment for sinusitis. So, you can confidently choose GNG Plastic Surgery for nose jobs in South Korea!