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Faceline Plastic Surgery Korea Review: Facial Contouring/Double Eyelids is reliable

2023-11-14 15:09:34

A friend of mine came across Faceline Plastic Surgery while researching famous plastic surgery clinics in Korea. It is said to be on par with Wonjin Plastic Surgery. So, how about Faceline Plastic Surgery Korea review? The evaluation says that Faceline Plastic Surgery is reliable for procedures like double jaw surgery and facial contouring.

Faceline Plastic Surgery

How about Faceline Plastic Surgery Korea Review? Let's Share Some Customer Evaluations. 

Faceline Plastic Surgery is a recognized plastic surgery clinic in Korea and is ranked among the top three positive hospitals in the country.

Faceline Plastic Surgery has specialized centers for facial contouring, double jaw surgery, eye surgery, nose surgery, anti-aging procedures, and body contouring. They offer unique procedures such as JSRO double jaw surgery, Z anti-aging double jaw surgery, N anti-aging double jaw surgery, F anti-aging double jaw surgery, elastic double jaw surgery, transparent double jaw surgery, facial asymmetry surgery, shoe-shaped face surgery, long face surgery, ANY protruding mouth surgery, and double jaw repair surgery.

Plastic Surgery

Faceline Plastic Surgery is well-known for its expertise in facial contouring. Apart from excelling in procedures like the three-point facial contouring, they have also achieved impressive results in double jaw surgery. Many individuals who suffered from facial asymmetry, prognathism, protruding mouth, or malocclusion have benefited from double jaw surgery.

Dr. Lee Jin-soo, the Director of Faceline Plastic Surgery, is Reliable for Facial Contouring

Dr. Lee's SMART facial contouring technique involves comprehensive analysis of facial contours with the assistance of instruments. Based on the individual's existing features, the surgery is performed to correct the face shape and bring out unique characteristics, rather than following a generic template.

Dr. Lee Jin-soo of Faceline Plastic Surgery is Reliable for Double Jaw Surgery

Dr. Lee's smart double jaw surgery includes simultaneous recovery and orthodontic treatment, which saves unnecessary time. The degree of facial changes is determined beforehand, and then the bone surgery is calculated, resulting in minimal facial errors.

Faceline surgeons

Faceline Plastic Surgery has a good reputation, especially for facial contouring and double jaw surgery performed by Dr. Lee Jin-soo. If you have such requirements, it is recommended to visit the clinic for a consultation.