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Dr. Ren Rongmin's Eye Repair Techniques at VG Plastic Surgery: Minimal Bleeding, Mild Swelling, and Invisible Scars

2023-12-29 14:10:33

How is Dr. Ren Rongmin's eye repair technique in South Korea? He practices at VG Plastic Surgery and is known for his minimal bleeding, mild swelling, and invisible scars in eye repair procedures.

Analysis of Dr. Ren Rongmin's Eye Repair Techniques:

Dr. Ren Rongmin at VG Plastic Surgery employs excellent eye repair techniques, characterized by reduced bleeding, minimal swelling, and inconspicuous scars.

Dr. Ren, as the director of VG Plastic Surgery, is a newly appointed surgeon with a range of expertise. Eye repair is just one of the procedures he excels in, making him popular among both local and international patients.

Dr. Ren Rongmin

Having undergone training and further education at various hospitals, he has accumulated experience and developed his own comprehensive system of cosmetic surgery. He has achieved remarkable results in repairing issues such as dull sensation or heavy muscle strip, asymmetry, unclear double eyelid crease, and noticeable scars in previous eye surgeries.

Specific Features of Dr. Ren Rongmin's Eye Repair Procedures at VG Plastic Surgery:

1) Standardized number of eye repair surgeries: VG Plastic Surgery limits eye repair surgeries to three cases per day. This allows Dr. Ren Rongmin to allocate sufficient time for analyzing initial surgical failures and formulating appropriate strategies.

2) Minimal postoperative discomfort without tightness: Alongside eye repair surgeries, Dr. Ren Rongmin also performs preventive adhesion surgeries on the levator muscle to prevent muscle adhesion after the procedure. This helps avoid secondary scarring and ensures that patients do not experience tightness or pain after the surgery, which can be considered a major advantage of his eye repair techniques.

3) Natural correction of awkward double eyelid lines: Dr. Ren Rongmin removes the scars caused by previous muscle generation, rectifying "sausage-like" or doll-like eyes into natural lines. Even for small double eyelid creases, he enhances their visibility and transforms them into more attractive features. The corrected double eyelids do not reveal concave scars even when the eyes are closed.

Eye Repair Procedures

Dr. Ren Rongmin's Eye Repair Examples at VG Plastic Surgery:

The customer in the image below had initially undergone unsuccessful eye surgery, resulting in asymmetrical eyes, inconsistent double eyelid widths, disjointed lines, and noticeable scars when the eyes were closed. 

Eye Repair Examples

Upon visiting VG Plastic Surgery through a friend's recommendation, Dr. Ren Rongmin discovered multiple issues that required repair, although not of high difficulty. The complexity of the case presented numerous limitations, as repairing eye tissues that had already been damaged once required extra caution. 

The postoperative results were impressive, with symmetrical eyes and an enlargement of eye size compared to the initial surgery. After just one month, the eyes appeared non-swollen and did not hinder regular work and daily life.

Dr. Ren Rongmin's eye repair techniques at VG Plastic Surgery are characterized by minimal bleeding, mild swelling, and invisible scars. Patients seeking eye repair can make appointments with us to consult Dr. Ren.