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Is Cinderella Plastic Surgery Good? Customer Reviews Confirm that Director Zheng Zhongbi's Skills are Good

2023-12-21 10:32:28

Is Cinderella Plastic Surgery good? For customers who want to know about this hospital, this question should be a priority. In this issue, we will answer it: The customer reviews for Cinderella Plastic Surgery are high, and everyone says that Director Zheng Zhongbi's skills are good and the prices are reasonable.

Is Cinderella Plastic Surgery good?

High Customer Reviews for Cinderella Plastic Surgery

Customers of Cinderella Plastic Surgery have given it high ratings. It is one of the earliest institutions for celebrity plastic surgery in Korea and is also a designated hospital for Korean idol trainees. It has been established for a long time and has a certain reputation in the local area. The hospital environment is simple and fresh, and it pays attention to customer privacy.

Cinderella Plastic Surgery's featured procedures include: eyes, nose, facial contours, double chin, breasts, liposuction, facelifts, and skincare. Moreover, this is a qualified and legitimate hospital, holding a regular plastic surgery medical institution license issued by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, as well as a medical certificate for treating foreign patients issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

medical certificate

Address: 4th floor, ARA Building, 1317-16, Ruicao-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

A customer who had her eyes done at Cinderella Plastic Surgery earlier this year said that the service here is particularly meticulous. They provide specialized airport pick-up and translation services. The pre-surgery consultants also provide reminders about precautions. After the surgery, there is no need to worry as nurses are always there, holding your hand. It can be said that the entire process is uninterrupted with 24-hour service.

Director Zheng Zhongbi's Excellent Skills at Cinderella Plastic Surgery

Director Zheng Zhongbi represents Cinderella Plastic Surgery and is well-known both in Korea and abroad. He graduated from Kyunghee University College of Medicine in Korea with a doctorate in plastic surgery. His main focus is on eyes, facial contours, and image design. He has received technical certification for his "Electric Eye Plastic Surgery" and has also published papers in several journals.

Director Zheng Zhongbi

Director Zheng's surgical style is glamorous and trendy. He is meticulous and can design an image that suits each individual's aesthetic preferences. He respects the wishes of each customer and achieves highly satisfactory results.

Price List at Cinderella Plastic Surgery: Affordable Prices for Nose and Eye Procedures

The price for rhinoplasty at Cinderella Plastic Surgery starts at $2500. 

For nose surgeries, Cinderella Plastic Surgery designs based on each individual's facial features and recommends suitable implants and the use of autologous cartilage. Unlike other hospitals, Cinderella Plastic Surgery can also improve the relatively disharmonious lip contours while creating a well-defined nasal profile, making the face more beautiful and three-dimensional.

rhinoplasty at Cinderella

For eye procedures, Cinderella Plastic Surgery offers "Electric Eye Plastic Surgery" starting at $1700. 

This procedure involves opening the inner corner, opening the outer corner, and correcting the lower eyelid to create electric-looking eyes. It is not limited to correcting only a specific part of the eyes. 

By making a 3mm incision in the central part of the upper eyelid on both sides and then removing a moderate amount of fat with a 1mm incision, similar results to double eyelid surgery can be achieved with less trauma.

Electric Eye Plastic Surgery

Based on the customer reviews, Director Zheng Zhongbi's skills, and the affordable prices, Cinderella Plastic Surgery is a good choice and worth experiencing.