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How about Imageup Plastic Surgery? Good for Contouring/Double Eyelid/Rhinoplasty Operations

2023-11-13 18:25:49

How about Imageup Plastic Surgery? People who have undergone plastic surgery at Imageup Plastic Surgery say that it is good for contouring, double eyelid, rhinoplasty, and facelift procedures. Since you are curious about how Imageup Plastic Surgery is, let's start with an introduction to Imageup Plastic Surgery.

Imageup Plastic Surgery

Scale of Imageup Plastic Surgery: 

Imageup Plastic Surgery has its own building consisting of three levels. The first floor is dedicated to the skin and gynecology department, the second floor is the consultation center, and the third floor is the surgical treatment center, which offers a comprehensive range of treatments. 

Imageup Plastic Surgery has sterile operating rooms that can remove dust and bacteria in the air. The temperature and humidity inside the rooms can be controlled, providing a certain level of protection for customers during surgery. 

In terms of equipment and scale, Imageup Plastic Surgery has a certain level of expertise.

Highlighting Imageup Plastic Surgery's distinctive procedures:

1. How is contouring performed at Imageup Plastic Surgery?

Imageup Plastic Surgery introduces a three-dimensional model surgery for facial contouring, which uses advanced three-dimensional CT contour scanners available in the market. The contouring surgery at Imageup Plastic Surgery is a certified surgical plan, and the anesthesiologist is available on standby 24 hours.

2. Features of double eyelid surgery at Imageup Plastic Surgery: 

The eye surgery at Imageup Plastic Surgery includes double eyelid procedures, eye correction, lateral canthoplasty, removal of under-eye fat, middle-aged eye surgery, male eye surgery, and more. Various surgical methods can be chosen based on individual conditions.

3. Rhinoplasty at Imageup Plastic Surgery: 

They offer procedures for low nose, upturned nose, hooked nose, nostril reduction, and nose correction. Additionally, corrective surgeries for deviated septum are also available.

The above mentioned procedures are some of the representative surgeries performed at Imageup Plastic Surgery. Other procedures such as bone cement augmentation, breast augmentation, liposuction, etc., are also available, but due to limited space, they are not elaborated. If you are interested in undergoing plastic surgery, it is best to visit the clinic and inquire further.

Moreover, Imageup Plastic Surgery maintains strict standards and provides good post-operative services, ensuring satisfactory results for its customers.

Imageup resting area

Services provided to surgical customers at Imageup Plastic Surgery:

- A post-operative management system that monitors the customer's condition for 48 hours after the surgery.

- Pre-treatment assessment of the customer's physical condition and post-operative physiological changes, with prompt treatment for any issues that arise.

- A recovery room that operates 24 hours a day for post-operative management and adjustments.

- Skin care and swelling reduction management after the surgery, with personalized post-operative care.

- Customers undergoing plastic surgery, especially domestic customers, can stay in the hospital until they are well-recovered, which shows the responsible approach of Imageup Plastic Surgery towards the customers' well-being.


It is worth mentioning the representative director of Imageup Plastic Surgery:

Dr. Kim Seong-nam, a graduate of Seoul National University, is a highly-experienced plastic surgeon with over 10 years of hospital management experience. He has performed over tens of thousands of plastic surgery operations and is considered one of the best doctors for contouring operations in South Korea.

From various perspectives, you now have some understanding of how Imageup Plastic Surgery is. Imageup Plastic Surgery is well-regarded for its services and facilities, and its contouring, double eyelid, and rhinoplasty surgeries have received high praise from customers.