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Which Country is Best for Facial Feminization Surgery?

2023-10-25 16:25:59

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) involves one or more procedures to make your facial features more traditionally feminine. Facial feminization surgery can include a variety of procedures, including jaw reduction, nose reshaping, and cheek augmentation. Which country is best for facial feminization surgery? Many customers recommend Korea or Thailand for facial feminization surgery.

Which Country is Best for Facial Feminization Surgery?

Most Popular Countries for FFS Surgery

1. Korea

2. Thailand

Korea is a one of the good country for facial feminization surgery.

Korean Plastic Surgeries Tell You Which Country is Best for Facial Feminization Surgery?

Some of the best plastic surgery hospitals in Korea for facial feminization are Dream Medical Group, Pitangui Plastic Surgery, FaceBone Plastic Surgery, JEWELRY Plastic Surgery Center, EYEHO Plastic Surgery, ID Hospital, Profile Plastic Surger, JAWGAK Plastic Surgery...

1. Dream Medical Group

Dream Medical Group is a large-scale general hospital in Korea, which has a lot of men undergoing facial feminization surgery. Dream Medical Group not only has a variety of hardware and software facilities in plastic surgery, but also has a very strong team of doctors in the hospital. The hospital for men to do facial feminization surgery private good, after the operation of the patient's satisfaction is very high.

2. Pitangui Plastic Surgery

Pitangui Plastic Surgery is a veteran plastic surgery hospital in Korea that has been serving beauty seekers since 1988. With nearly 40 years of experience in plastic surgery, the hospital's director, Dr. Yoo Ji-Sung, has a large number of male clients who come here for facial feminization. Dr. Yoo's focus on pre-operative communication and his attention to detail make him a good choice for facial feminization surgery.

Facial Feminization Surgery

3. FaceBone Plastic Surgery

FaceBone Plastic Surgery also has a very good reputation for facial feminization for men. The best person who performs facial feminization surgery at the hospital is the director of Park Yoon-nam. And all the plastic surgeries at the hospital are performed by the director himself. So those who are worried about changing the doctor in the middle of the process can feel free to come to the hospital to have a feminized plastic surgery.

4. JEWELRY Plastic Surgery Center

JEWELRY Plastic Surgery Center is a popular plastic surgery hospital in South Korea, and the hospital is also very popular for men's facial feminization plastic surgery. The doctors at JEWELRY Plastic Surgery Center are very good at designing the contour lines. Men who undergo facial feminization have soft facial curves and are highly satisfied with the results.

5. EYEHO Plastic Surgery

EYEHO Plastic Surgery is also skilled in facial feminization for men. Dr. Byung-ho Park has more than 20 years of experience in plastic surgery and is highly skilled in eye surgery. He emphasizes on the design of eyebrows and eyes, and the long curve between the eyebrows emphasizes the femininity of women.

Feminization Surgery in Korea

6. ID Hospital

ID Hospital is also a large-scale general plastic surgery hospital in the area, and there are many examples of male surgery for facial feminization. Some of the male surgical clients have obvious male facial features before the surgery, and after the four-piece contouring kit, they look like they are originally girls.

7. Profile Plastic Surgery

Profile Plastic Surgery is not only recognized by men for facial feminization, but also has a very good reputation for breast surgery. Dr. Jung Jae-ho, the director of ProFi Ear Surgery, focuses on pre-operative communication in surgery, and the details of facial feminization for men are well taken care of, and there are many local customers in Korea who have undergone this procedure.

8. JAWGAK Plastic Surgery

JAWGAK Plastic Surgery is a specialized hospital that focuses on forehead fillers and cranial fillers. Dr. Song Yong Tae, the director of the clinic, is able to feminize the male face through bone cement filler. The hospital is also able to perform high cranial vault surgeries, which have recently become a hot topic for customers.

ID Hospital FFS Surgery

Thailand's Plastic Surgeries Tell You Which Country is Best for Facial Feminization Surgery?

Some of the best hospitals in Thailand for facial feminization surgery are YanHee Hospital and KaMol Cosmetic Hospital.

1. YanHee Hospital

Which is the best hospital for female to male surgery in Thailand? It has to be YanHee Hospital in Thailand. It is famous for FFS Surgery all over the world, and many of our friends from abroad are specially looking for FFS Surgery. The hospital specializes in facial feminization surgery, so it has accumulated a wealth of experience in female-to-male surgery.

Moreover, YanHee Hospital is a public hospital with a full set of anesthesia equipment. The anesthesiologists and surgeons have been working together for many years and have a very high degree of tacit understanding. So the risk factor of female-to-male surgery is low.

Thailand facial feminization surgery

2. KaMol Cosmetic Hospital

KaMol Cosmetic Hospital is a comprehensive plastic surgery hospital, comprehensive strength, carry out sex reassignment surgery technology good experience. The doctor who performs sex reassignment surgery is DR.kamo, and there are many cases of male-to-female transsexuals. And the transsexual girl Pony was done here, and she was very beautiful after the surgery.

Sex reassignment surgery at KaMol Cosmetic Hospital is more psychologically oriented. As long as you have been examined by a psychiatrist before the surgery to make sure that there are no problems, men can have sex reassignment surgery even if they don't take hormone pills.

If you are a man to a woman, you will need to be dressed as a woman when you see the surgeon. You will also need to bring 4 photos of your life in female attire, and if there are no problems after the interview, you can proceed with the surgery.